Meanwhile, In Limerick


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13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Limerick

    1. Sam

      Yup, he can slither right on in… and while they try to impress him with their padded loo roll printed up to look like dollar bills, he can whip out the one with the dying face of Bridget McCole on every sheet. scumbag.

  1. phil

    And not one hoodie in sight , noonan has nothing to fear , some of these people probably voted for him and one time or another …

    1. Parp

      There’s 5 hoodies in the first picture alone. That aside, I’m not sure what point you were trying to get across.

  2. RidersOnThe Storm

    He had to use the tradesmen’s exit……………hence experienced something like an ordinary person

    Well……….just for one moment

  3. Fe Dlowered

    Just so I’m clear here. Will there now be protests every time a government minister appears at a public event? It’s going to get very tired, very quickly. It will also dilute the message of the protestors which is exactly what the government will want. So much for the “wisdom of crowds” theory.

      1. Fe Dlowered

        It’s very quickly turning into a “Down with this sort of thing” set of general gatherings of people who think that shouting “Shame, shame, shame on you” and “Peaceful protest” is going to achieve something. Fine Gael and Labour will take their chances at the next election. They know that the majority don’t want a patchwork quilt of Sinn Fein with a myriad of Independents.

        1. ivan

          maybe so, but they can’t be sure that the majority DO want them back in office. The back pedalling on water charges over the last few weeks/months shows that the protesting *is* doing something. Ordinary, ‘respectable’, people lay down for long enough, while those on the fringes made the shouty noises, now a the ‘respectable’ people are saying they’ve had enough too. Of course, as Inda says, it’s not really about water – this is about incompetence, this is about McNulty, this is about the Government showing contempt for the Dail and this is about broken promises.

          It pains me to say it, but FF are – by just sitting on their holes doing nothing (and despite being the fuppers who signed us up for water charges int he first place) – becoming less toxic by the minute.

          1. Fe Dlowered

            It’s not just “the Government showing contempt for the Dail” – in fairness.
            When you strip them all back, all the political parties (and the politicians within them) are only interested in the short term. In delivering soundbites that the “140 characters or less” generation are likely to pay attention to.
            The fact that an incompetent muppet like Paul Murphy can get into the Dail shows that the electorate can be bought by a simple, single position on an issue that happens to be a hot topic.

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