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    1. John

      Hi, the retention fee is the fee we pay to our professional body. They are increasing it at an alarming rate. We get no support from them.


      1. bisted

        …I used to pay a fee to a Professional body. The fee was quite modest but there was no discernable return so I stopped. The fee was tax deductable though. Is it different for the nurses?

        1. TheQ47

          The nurses retention fee is €150 for 2015, up from €100 for 2014, up from (I think) €88 in 2013 (I’ll stand corrected on the 2013 figure).

          If a nurse or midwife doesn’t pay this fee, they are no longer allowed to work as a nurse/midwife. The fee is not tax deductible.

          As a nurse, you just have to pay it and that’s it.
          End of.

    1. Mikeyfex

      1. that was a reply to David j
      2. it wasn’t supposed to look like that
      3. it doesn’t answer his question anyway

  1. John Cassidy

    This government has lost the run of itself. PRSI for self employed (again something we get little or no benefit from) has been increased by 100% this year.
    I support you nurses.

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