As part of the Irish Sports Council’s anti doping campaign ‘#blackmark’, sports creative Atomic Sports produced a literally slick awareness video.

Hugh Curran writes:

The discipline, talent and sheer effort that elite athletes put into their work is mind-blowing. That’s why it’s so crushing to fellow athletes, the sporting industry and the public when a doping scandal is uncovered. If the playing field isn’t fair, what’s the point in playing or even being a spectator? The Irish Sports Council work tirelessly to ensure Irish sport is clean.

True or anabolics?

Only you can decide.

Atomic Sport

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38 thoughts on “The Roid Not Taken

    1. figleaf

      Please note – there are also plenty of hardworking Elite Female Irish athletes too. I’m sure the Irish Sports Council ‘just forgot’ etc. FFS

      1. Cian

        Maybe the hardworking female athletes aren’t taking loads of steroids…

        (although, given Michelle Smith..)

      2. SCD Goff

        I love it when they forget about 50% of the population … and on the other hand have a page devoted on their site to Women in Sport. Shame, it’s a cool-looking video.

  1. Drogg

    I am not going to lie i have considered juicing many times. I am not a professional athlete all i want is the energy to stay fit and healthy which is hard while working a 50-100 hour week while raising 2 small kids, so after all that its hard to force myself to get out of the bed at ten to six in the morn and head to the gym before i head to work. But if i could take something that gives me the extra boost of energy and helps promote a good metabolism while getting me to exercise and stay healthy really a bad thing?

      1. Drogg

        That is what stopped me, but the wife studys microbiology and she showed me medical evidence against the old health issues they used to say where associated with steroid use. There is a great documentary on Netflix about a family that all the sons juice and its interesting to see its called “Bigger,Stronger, Faster”

    1. Mikeyfex

      Yes, Drogg, it is dude. That seems very much like the wrong sized hammer…

      Going to the gym alone gives the energy boost and improves metabolism so why the potentially dangerous overkill?

      1. Drogg

        Because that energy boast isn’t enough plus its that boast to give an extra ten percent every time you go running or the gym also it helps muscle recovery so it means you can give more more often. Its is just hard not to see the benefits of it along with the dangers it poses.

        1. Mani

          Drogg, don’t listen to these losers.

          Have you considered heroin? It won’t give you an energy boost or help you look after your kids, but you will not give one country sh1t about any of that whilst your riding the Brown Bird of happiness.

          Keeps the weight off too.

          1. Mani

            You burn up more calories shooting up than are contained in one sweet sweet spoonful of Afghany Express.

          2. Drogg

            Mani the amount of people out there on crazy weight loss programs that don’t know about this must be in the millions. I say we get a business plan together to sell it as a weightloss program used by wise men of the middle east for centuries and that is now available for western consumers. Then we launch Afgany Gold at next years web summit.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            G’wan Mani ….you could always suggest that people take a holiday to India and eat everything uncooked for a week. The ol’ Delhi belly for two weeks after should lose them some weight.

          4. Alfred E. Neumann

            We just have to get the campaign right. A lot of celebrities coming out of the jacks with a thumbs-up and a cry of Bombs Away! Stick on a soundtrack of Hozier doing Let Your Love Flow and we could go viral.

          5. jungleman

            High reps on squats are key Drogg. You wanna be doing minimum 15 reps for 5 sets and just watch those pins blossom.

    2. joe

      roids aren’t a substitute for will power. if you don’t have the energy maybe look at your diet instead?

        1. joe

          eat healthy, ie home cooked meals, including at work. drink loads of water. make a plan for the gym, one that you think you can keep (nothing crazy), for a month at least. if time is short, do weights at home. routine is key….

    3. Zaccone

      Steroids won’t necessarily give you an energy boost to drag yourself to the gym. Their depression inducing hormonal effects, and possible tendon issue problems, may actually make it significantly harder for you to motivate yourself to go.

      What they would do is decrease recovery time, massively increase performance etc. But if you don’t have the motivation to get yourself to the gym in the first place this won’t matter.

      It sounds like in your case you’d be significantly better off just getting more sleep and/or investing in a good PWO supply.

        1. Zaccone

          Without adequate sleep you won’t make any gains anyway. Plus all the other associated sleep deprivation health problems – early death, impaired brain function etc.

          If you’re not getting your required sleep hours you’d be better off sleeping more, and watching your diet, rather than forcing yourself to the gym at the expense of sleep.

  2. Mike Baldwin

    When I’m watching the men’s 100m final, I’m full of coiled anticipation to hopefully witness a new world record. If there were a steroid Olympics, undoubtedly after a period of righteous derision from purists, the drug Olympics 100m would be more anticipated than the supposedly clean Olympic final. This is a fact because I think it.

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