Your New Gangnam Fox Has Arrived


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The screechy, clucky, brain-liquefying, Ylvissy/Psy-esque viral single by Chinese pop star Wang Rong, to wit:

(via Google Translate) Wang Rong latest Divine Comedy “chick chick” MV premiere! In the creation of this song, the song of the concert, there is a very daring stunt, lyrics melody part from start to finish no more than five words, chickens, hens, rooster, cuckoo day. Singing subversive uses a variety of sounds were imitating animals, listening to really feel the joy when the farm and see the animals in the song and dance group.”

Expect to see and hear it everywhere.



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10 thoughts on “Your New Gangnam Fox Has Arrived

  1. Zynks

    I was watching a video on last night suggesting that human evolution is accelerating. What a waste of my time it was.

  2. Jaff

    All I’m hearing is coochie, coochie cup o’ tae…..the answer to which is please, if you are putting the kettle on….

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