Enemies Of The Lease Process



Last night on BBC One, Spotlight’s Mandy McAuley investigated the use of public money to pay the rent of constituency offices of MLAs including Arlene Foster (DUP), Ross Hussey (UUP) and Sinn Féin members Martin McGuinness, Francie Molloy, Mitchel McLaughlin and Daithí McKay.

If ye can’t beat them, rob them.

The second part of the two-part exposé continues next Tuesday.

Part one is repeated tonight on BBC Two NI at 11:20pm.

Spotlight: Sir Alistair Graham calls for probe into Northern Ireland MLAs’ rent money (BBC News NI)

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12 thoughts on “Enemies Of The Lease Process

    1. Owen C

      Agreed, the headline is stellar. Perhaps your best ever (*hint: run a “our best ever headline” post*)

  1. Willie Banjo

    Irish republicans siphoning UK money to serve their communities. Hardly shocking and came up before a few years ago when their MPs expenses were questioned. I have more of an issue with politicians who use expenses to enrich themselves personally.

    1. Dublin Hussy

      Yeah. Pure tabloid fodder. I mean it as a compliment. Punny bylines and acting as the base for me to polish my shoes on are the only things that the red tops are good for.

      Excellently done.

  2. patto69

    So the main witness was an old RSF’er who left SF 20 odd years ago. It seems that BBC Spotlight is the weapon of choice of the dissies. Who’d a thunk it?

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