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Of course you are.

Tonight at 8pm.

Sinn Féin will hold an online public meeting with the party’s president Mary Lou McDonald, Michelle O’Neill, Matt Carthy and Pearse Doherty, during which they will discuss “tackling the covid-19 crisis”.

The meeting will be broadcast live on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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This evening.

From 7pm.

Further to public meetings held in Cork, Dublin and Newry, Sinn Féin are holding an “online public meeting”, on account of the coronavirus.

Sinn Féin’s president Mary Lou McDonald and TDs Eoin Ó Broin, Matt Carthy, Pearse Doherty and Louise O’Reilly are taking part in the meeting.

The party is broadcasting from its head office at Parnell Square, Dublin 1.


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“Coronavirus Is Not A Mandate For Long-Term Government” [Updated]

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Liberty Belle

Meanwhile In Newry

This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

The mother and father of murdered Paul Quinn, Steven and Breege Quinn after attending the Dail today as TDs return to the chamber for the first time in two weeks.

In 2007, Mr Quinn (21) from Cullyhanna in south Armagh was beaten to death by a gang of around a dozen men in a farm shed on the border near Castleblayney, County Monaghan.

Mr and Mrs Quinn blame the IRA, but Sinn Féin has long denied republican involvement.


Mr Quinn’s mother, Breege Quinn, said she wanted Sinn Féin’s Finance Minister in Northern Ireland, Conor Murphy, “to say the simple words that Paul Quinn was not a criminal”.

At the time of the murder, Mr Murphy alleged that Mr Quinn was involved in criminality before he was killed.

Ms Quinn said she was not satisfied with what she termed “obscure apologies” to date, and alleged that “the slur’ that her son had been a criminal is being ‘actively promoted by Sinn Fein.’

Ms McDonald has also spoken to the Quinn family on the phone.

“He (Conor) has made an apology. It’s sincerely made and I hope and trust that the Quinn family will get some level of comfort from that,” Ms McDonald said last month.

Family of murdered Paul Quinn renew call for Murphy clarification (RTÉ)


From top: Fianna Fáil leader Micheá Martin; This morning’s Irish Times

This morning.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin spoke to Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One and raised articles in today’s Irish Times’ articles about the structure, wealth and property portfolio of Sinn Féin.

The articles, by Colm Keena, can be read here, here and here (behind paywall).

One of the reports states:

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin is correct when he says that Sinn Féin is “not a normal, democratic party”, Sinn Féin’s director of finance has told The Irish Times.

Martin has said that Sinn Féin’s elected representatives are not in control of the party, and that decisions are made by “shadowy figures” and “unelected officials”.

However, what Micheál Martin sees as a problem, the party’s long-term director of finance, Des Mackin, sees as an advantage. Sinn Féin does not want its elected representatives controlling the party, he said.

“We don’t want a parliamentary party running the organisation,” the senior party officer said. “We want to stay a party of activists. It’s a totally different model. There’s nothing mysterious about it.”

Mackin has been the party’s director of finance for years and, prior to that, was joint party treasurer with the veteran republican, the late Joe Cahill. Mackin was convicted of IRA membership in the 1970s.


From Mr Martin’s interview….

Seán O’Rourke: “Do you believe that you have persuaded Fine Gael that you are not for turning on dealing with Sinn Féin?”

Micheál Martin: “Yes.”

O’Rourke: “You believe that Fine Gael…”

Martin: “You know, I would say to people, just read The Irish Times today. There’s a very comprehensive two-page issue…”

Talk over each other

Martin: “…which by the way, Des Mackin, their director of finances said Micheaál Martin is right in what he says. We don’t want the elected representatives controlling the party, that’s black and white. So I dealt with that in the Dáil. But I would just ask people out there to…”

O’Rourke: “I just had the quickest of scans of it and I read the front page story. All it suggests to me, I think, and a lot of readers, would be they’re a very well-organised, they’re a very professional, political outfit.”

Martin: “No, but if you just read it Seán. I mean. I know you’ve acknowledged you haven’t read the full two pages internally but it’s basically saying that those elected by the people, the broad mass of the people, don’t have a direct controlling say and former public representatives, former TDs says the exactly the same.

“In other words they said that a person with a 10,000 electoral mandate has the same say as an activist who’s unelected. That’s what it says…and this isn’t Micheál Martin saying this. It’s…”

Talk over each other

O’Rourke: “I just got a summary handed to me literally as you were saying that. Mr Mackin, who was jailed for IRA membership in the early 1970s, told The Irish Times he did not necessarily disagree with the view of the Fianna Fáil leader that Sinn Féin was run by unelected officials and not its political representatives so that’s the end of that as far as you’re concerned?”

Martin: “Yeah. And if you consider, two weeks ago I was attacked personally by Sinn Féin left, right and centre, high up and low down in a very personalised manner and attacked and yet, two weeks later, their, one of their key operators says the same…”


O’Rourke:Have you decided you’re prepared to enter coalition with Fine Gael?”

Martin:Yes. Again, depending on a Programme for Government that works…”

Listen back in full here

Martin says Fianna Fáil would go into coalition with Fine Gael (RTÉ)


Niall O’Dowd with Gerry Adams in 1996

This morning.

Via New York-based publisher and journalist Niall O Dowd in the Irish Times:

…It is quite an onslaught by the political leaders and many in the media.

The tenor of the anti-Sinn Féin columns makes one think many of the commentators and party leaders would almost prefer Sinn Féin had never given up violence, as they swaddle themselves in self-righteousness.

As expected the media revisionists are truly angry that their cock-eyed view of history, where Sinn Féin are incapable of political thought and are just a bunch of goons who threatened the legitimate Northern Ireland state, has been discredited.

Their theory is destined for the dustbin of history which makes it all the more strange to see leading politicians suddenly begin flogging that long-dead horse

In the process, they are draining much of the goodwill Irish Americans have for Irish political leaders. We believe it defies logic to face backwards after so much has been accomplished.

Irish America is hostile to the exclusion of Sinn Féin from government (Niall O’Dowd, Irish Times)

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Sinn Fein party leader Mary Lou McDonald TD addressing the party’s second public rally in Liberty Hall, Dublin 1 on Tuesday. Louise O Reilly is second right

This afternoon.

Louise O’Reilly, Sinn Féin’s health spokeswoman, writes:

Give people a chance to speak and they will tell it like it is.

And despite what many in Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil think, the people are rarely wrong.

We have said all along that engaging with the public will not just be something we do as a token gesture during an election campaign.

Sinn Féin have embarked on a series of public meetings, which have allowed us to engage with the public about issues and challenges affecting them every day.

On Tuesday I chaired one of those meetings as hundreds packed into Liberty Hall. Unfortunately, hundreds more were turned away as the hall was full.

The audience was involved, asked us a whole series of questions and informed us about the evolving crises facing them.

They also offered up common sense on different areas. The unfortunate thing about common sense is that it has rarely been common among those in government.

People have fears that they will never be able to have a roof over their head, they are being crippled by spiraling rents, they have worries about family members left on trolleys in A&E.

All of these issues are constantly evolving and, in many cases, worsening. That is why it is important to constantly talk to the people.

We will always sit down, listen and let voices be heard so that we can speak up for people and legislate on their behalf in an informed way.

At Tuesday’s meeting, one lady spoke of her elderly mother’s wait on a chair for over 24 hours in A&E before she could get a bed in Beaumont Hospital. She pointed out that doctors and nurses were amazing with her but that they were totally overworked and that there was simply not enough staff and not enough beds.

I explained to her that in order to tackle the trolley crisis you have to address the issues causing it and focus on addressing them.

This means recruiting more nurses and doctors and reopening closed beds. Would you believe that there are 500 beds closed in our hospital system due to a lack of staff?

But we also need to deliver more step-down facilities too to get people out of hospitals and increase home help hours so people can return home: we need increased nursing home beds and we need to use community hospital beds to get people out of hospitals as well as increasing home help hours so people can return to the comfort of their own homes from hospital.

A gentleman then asked me how we create fairness in our health service and do away with the two-tier system where money talks.

I explained that the health service is our most important public service and that the health of the nation is Sinn Féin’s number one priority. Nobody should have to check their bank balance to see if they can afford to be sick. That is a shameful way for people of this state to have to live.

The final question of the night was from a worried young mother, on behalf of her son, who is on the autism spectrum and cannot access the necessary services that he is entitled to.

I am a mother and I am a grandmother. This woman wants what every one of us wants for our children – the ability to live well, prosper and fulfill their potential.

This is being denied by successive Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael governments.

Children face lengthy waiting lists for assessments and struggle to find appropriate school places.

Adults with autism face huge gaps in the provision of crucial services, particularly for finding work, securing social welfare and being able to live independently.

This is totally unacceptable and it must change. That is why Sinn Féin wants to see the development of an Autism Empowerment Strategy.

Previous governments have let down people with autism and their families.

Sinn Fein want to be in government to fix our health service and deliver real change for ordinary people, for workers, for families.

That is the least you deserve – a government that works for you and empowers you to live well and reach your potential.

Louise O Reilly is TD for Dublin Fingal

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This evening.

In the Canal Court Hotel in Newry, Co Down.

Members of the public and supporters of Sinn Féin gather for a rally of the party, following similar rallies in Cork on Monday night and Dublin last night.


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Pics:  Michelle O’Neill and Ryan Carlin




At the Grand Social in Dublin, People Before Profit held a public event called Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil Out: How The Left Can Win.

Speakers included Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Bríd Smith TD, Gino Kenny TD and Gerry Carroll MLA.

Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil Out: How The Left Can Win (Facebook)


At Liberty Hall in Dublin 1.

Members and supporters of Sinn Féin attend a rally for the party, hosted by Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald (top middle) and (from left) Sinn Féin TDs Pearse Doherty, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Michelle O’Neill and TDs Eoin Ó Bróin and Louise O’Reilly.

Last night: Meanwhile in Cork

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