Führer Where Would You Get It?




Irish Liquidators, Belgard Road, Dublin.

They “sell anything”

Anna writes:

My Austrian colleague was horrified when she spotted this on the Irish Liquidators Facebook page. Her comment asking why they thought it was ok to sell such an item was rapidly deleted without a response…

Irish Liquidators (Facebook)

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45 thoughts on “Führer Where Would You Get It?

  1. The Citizen

    Which is worse, the country that has a liquidator that sells a (bad) sculpture of an evil man or the country that raised an evil man to a position of liquidator in chief?

    1. Sam

      It might do double duty adorning some official’s desk in movies about Ireland and movies about Ireland.

  2. balls

    People only ever react like this when it’s Hitler. Stalin’s fine though, he killed a lot more people but noone cares.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I know, it’s bizarre. Anything to do with Nazi Germany is treated like an offence grenade.People whisper Hitler’s name in case someone within earshot gets offended. You can’t negate a 12-year period of history just because it stinks. Hitler is a fascinating character to study. And any SS memorabilia is worth collecting.

  3. Jack Ascinine

    If she’s horrified by plaster casts of dead monsters, she should travel more often and see the live ones. They are much more horrifying. I would get the feeling that she doesn’t know what real horror is.

  4. YourNan

    she should check the intimidation artists in this country get when they want to travel to Israel to get an idea why.

  5. Parp

    “…asking why they thought it was ok to sell such an item …”

    Why wouldn’t it be ok? In fact I’d love this. If I wasn’t broke until payday I’d have it bought by now.

    1. scottser

      i’d love to go to a water protest, dressed as a rabbi, dancing away while holding this above my head.

  6. Paolo

    We should expunge Hitler and the second world war from history. That is the best way to ensure that his like is never seen again … not.

    The various Roman emperors wiped out civilisations in Europe, North Africa and Asia. Stalin killed far more people and Pol Pot is a more recent despot but there doesn’t seem to be the same urgency to whitewash them from history.

    1. Caroline

      A lot of Germans and Austrians are shocked when they discover it’s not illegal to trade Nazi memorabilia or display the swastika in other countries.

      1. Surely They Wouldn't Lie To Us

        A subject people think they know a lot about but actually know nothing apart from the Hollywood version.
        Do not forget the German people wanted the nazi party They loved the sense of national pride.
        Question why do the the people of Palestine have to suffer for the actions of the entire German nation?

        1. Lu

          And you guys wanted the the partys that are brining in the water charges now. And? I can assure you if the people of Germany would have know what will be happening they wouldn’t have been so proud of the nazi party. They wouldn’t have voted for it.
          In a smaller scale like you guys wouldn’t have voted for the government that is ruling here at the moment.
          People always go for the ones that look the most promising, well Hitler did make a lot of promises, and yeah people have been naive enough to believe them. But then again that happens every day, just not in such a horrific way.
          Hindsight is a great thing, don’t you think?

        2. Lu

          Also, how do we ‘make the people of Palestine still suffer’ today?? The only one of my familiy that had to experience WW2 was my granddad. He is 83, even he was a child then. So how do I make them suffer? Or the other germans? I am sick of being accused of stuff like that. I am 24 ffs, I have nothing to do with it and I do not make anyone suffer in Palestine -.-

  7. nellyb

    It’s totally understandable. For continentals it is an emotional history, they were right in the middle of the WW2 bloodbath and horror, on both sides. Many of middle-aged europeans never met their grandparents, etc… Direct personal impact. Don’t judge her reaction harshly please, she’s entitled to feel that way, right or wrong.

  8. Niallo

    Remind me, what kind of people destroy books and art they disagree with ?
    At best these kind of items should sit unloved and unwanted in the darkest recesses of second hand shops… Which this is…

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