24 thoughts on “Sh*t Right Wingers Say

  1. madouveh on the dole

    Pretty much. Surprised by how many dolts are willing to sneer at people protesting water charges.

    1. Nawfil Musty Bang A Frilly

      They’re all scroungers shur, I’m paying for everything, outta me very own pocket. They’ll want food for free next. Let them get buckets.

  2. Jess


    ‘If we tax corporations we’ll turn into a third world country overnight’

    ‘Its not racist because X aren’t a race’

    ‘Got a fare going to the city centre’

    And something about ‘feminazis’

  3. Goosey Lucy

    Ah yes, the old right vs left rears it’s head again- there are, of course, people whose views are delineated in such a basic binary way.
    But they’re not much fun down the pub ….

    1. Sidewinder

      Clearly if you’re anti water charges then you’re pro-communism and if you’re anti- violent protest (or even think it’s violent) then you’re pro-water charges and a nazi.

      That’s how it works right? Like you form an opinion on one issue and that decides your opinion on all other issues?

  4. cousinjack

    If you don’t want to cuddle everyone your now rightwing.
    for example isolation of people with communicable diseases is not rightwing, its what is medically prudent if you want to stop the spread of a disease
    and the Irish perception is that Britain casued the famine, but this doesnot account for the famine caused by potato blight in across the rest of the Islands and further in to europe at the time, Scotland and SW England had high emigration rates than Ireland during this period for the same cause
    Don’t let facts get in the way of a touchy feely caus belli

    1. Sidewinder

      Isolation at gun point is not necessary. They also don’t mention giving them medicine. And as I presume they’re referring to ebola you’d find it pretty hard to run all over the place if you had ebola.

  5. bagpuss55

    sh*t left wingers say:
    ”all the problems in the middle east are caused by Israel/USA”
    ”we need another abortion referendum”
    “it`s all a conspiracy by men/business owners/corporations”

  6. tim

    Ideally infect the Palestinians with ebola, hold a gun to their heads until they get better or die, stuff the survivors into a famine-ravaged refugee camp, and THEN meter the bleedin water!

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