Novice Sister Barbie




Sibling of Daedalus writes:

Handmade Irish nun collector’s character doll, by ‘Jay of Dublin’, dating from the 1970s, from a range consisting of ‘characters drawn from the counties of Ireland, depicting the diverse inhabitants and their equally diverse occupations’.
One characteristic of Jay’s Irish Nun dolls, was that they all had some kind of visible facial deformity, varying from doll to doll (each face was individually hand painted). This one appears to have a smallpox scar. Here‘s another Jay of Dublin nun doll with a different skin condition, erysipelas this time, I think…

Good times.

*plays with ‘Fr. Ken’*

Nun Doll By Jays (eBay)

8 thoughts on “Novice Sister Barbie

  1. Suspendered Animation

    Girls with facial ‘deformities’ which could easily be fixed nowadays were often put into convents so they wouldn’t be a burden on their families. Bad times to suffer from a skin condition, if you were female.

    1. ahyeah

      Lot to be said for putting ugly women out of sight. Saw a right shocker on Capel Street earlier today.

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