22 thoughts on “A Word From Our Sponsor

  1. Rob Murray

    Everytime I see these ads I’m struck by how expensive everything was. £3.49 for a tub of yellow pack sweets? Seriously. And that’s in punts!

    1. Cian

      There’s another ad where he’s going through toy prices and they’re much the same – horrendously expensive. We really did get ripped off to an unreal degree here in the past (and a slightly less unreal degree now, though).

    1. Dissident Citizen Frilly!

      Think that’s rich. I paid Aer Lingus ir£ 246.86 for a Cork Heathrow return in 86. And that was the very off peak price.

      Mind you. You got a fancy looking ticket and a brekkie.

  2. Dissident Citizen Frilly!

    Speaking of Christmas bikkies

    I’ve sad news for ye

    The chocolate ring with the jelly star from the Jacobs tin is no more

    I feel a sense of bereavement.

      1. Dissident Citizen Frilly!

        You obviously got the tin from the gran aunty who won it at the bingo a couple’a years before and kept it in the good sideboard, in case anyone called.

        But ended up getting rid when the arse of the tin left a rust stain on the good sideboard.

        So your jelly star was now a chalky white soft chew of meh

        1. Mani

          Sorry to disappoint your Alice Tayloresque scrawlings but no, the tin was fresh and the jelly was manky.

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