7 thoughts on “Short Back, Front And Sides

    1. scottser

      so you get your hair cut, grand. but there’s a hair gel surcharge, a newspaper tax and unless you explicitly state otherwise you get given a wash and beard trim and charged full whack. no doubt the premises is located 20 miles outside the city too.

  1. Langer

    That’s not even Luxemburg…… It’s South-East Belgium. Bit I’m sure there’s a bus into Luxemburg from there

    1. Columbo's Missus

      Since I just spent the past few days there, I can assure you it is in luxembourg. That is unless the town has been annexed by a country that it doesn’t even border. (It’s next to France by the way)

      1. Nikkeboentje

        I think he was being sarcastic. Ryanair flys into a lot of airports that are no-where near where they say.

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