10 thoughts on “The Last Sentinel

  1. Clampers Outside!

    A great paper for the court room write ups… I don’t think anyone read it for anything else, not that I knew anyway :)

    There was the inevitable blah, blah, blah, outside Supermacs at 4.37 am, blah, blah, nice boy Tommy, blah, blah, had only 15 pints on him your honour, blah, blah, Supermacs, blah, blah, Supermacs, blah, blah, doesn’t remember driving home after a trip to Supermacs… some times !

    1. The Old Boy

      I used to earn a few beer tokens during my student days freelancing District Court reports for a local paper. The solicitors used to bribe me in pints to encourage me to name them in cases that they won, while leaving more disastrous defences suitably anonymous.

      I got a ticking off from the local District Judge at the County Bar association Christmas party for regularly repeating his catchphrases verbatim in the reports, to the point that people were shouting them back to him in local pubs.

      Good times.

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