You Hum It, He’ll Play It


He has a lovely voice, in fairness.

Let the man sing for pity’s sake.

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56 thoughts on “You Hum It, He’ll Play It

  1. Turt Hell

    Denial? that’s very ballsy.

    In this age what are the odds of another shot of delaney being posted from the same bar within the the next, I don’t know, 24hrs?

    1. Domestos

      I think the FAI denial of the denial is next. JD has already publicly apologised for his rabble rousing behaviour.

    2. cluster

      Delaney & the FAI he administers are a joke.

      Delaney would show more patriotism by running a competent sporting organisation than with any amount of drunken PIRA sing alongs.

  2. dhaughton99

    Between this and Gerry calling the other lot “b**tards”, its like the 70’s all over again.

    Not to mention, last nights RTE tweet reporting that the BBC is reporting multiple tweets of an explosion in Manchester.

      1. Clive Northwood

        Yeah, I didn’t think there was anything offensive about what he said. He said they fear equality, and their response proved him right.

    1. The Old Boy

      Hands up who hasn’t sung a rebel song with a few jars in them? Jaysus, what a lot of cobbler’s awls.

          1. Sancho

            Agreed. The Republic’s attitude to the North is a disgrace. We turned out back on them when we lost the 6 counties and have been ashamed of them ever since. Catholics up North were systemically discriminated against for years and the UK Gov was never going to do anything other than protect/facilitate the Unionsists. The Irish Gov was too cowardly to do anything. Inevitiably, the people had to stand up for themselves and if they couldnt rely on the law (which they couldnt), they had to go outside the law. Why is that so difficult for people to understand? Or are they just ashamed?

          2. louislefronde

            I always thought Irish Republicanism was like pouring gravy over a French cheese…

            Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité has somehow become…Misery, Hypocrisy and Insurgency?

          3. cluster

            Sancho, it’s very easy to take a simple, absolute view on these things. You can’t just wish away unpleasant facts on the ground. Establishing & maintaining a stable Irish state and slowly building towards a better resolution in the six counties made (and still makes) much better long-term sense than aggravating tribal tensions & plunging the island into full-scale war.

            Even if you assume that all Northern Catholics killed by the IRA ‘deserved it’ (surely not) it’s worth pointing out that the IRA killed Irish guards, an Irish soldier & innocent Irish Protestants (Kingsmill massacre, anyone?)

            I am certainly not ashamed of our republican heritage but Delaney’s behaviour is, at best, ill-judged and juvenile.

  3. Mikeyfex

    A nice voice? I’ve seen someone else say that too. There must be something up with my headphones.

    And the story here is FAI are denying it while he’s already come out and apologised. Not that he had to, there’s plenty more he should be called up on.

    1. Domestos

      Agreed, we need a Broadsheet Timeline Megapost to sort this out. Who is the sports equivalent of Legal Coffee Drinker? There isn’t one? Oh.

    2. Ultach

      The Guardian reports his girlfriend is called Emma English. Is that made up. If not I shall be breaking my hole with the oul’ laffin. Tears of mirth also.

  4. Irish

    I’m really confused, why is this being made a big deal? He was just singing a song in the pub. Don’t want a backlash, just generally curious/confused. All the media outlets are posting about it.

    1. lawless Frilly Keane

      I think its vintage of the song tbh

      If it were more Kevin Barry Ger’ou ya black n tans era come-all-yas he might have shrugged it off as a sing song

      This particular song would be heard more in the Felons/the Rock/ the PD pub singsongs.

      It wouldn’t be a common tune this side of the Dundalk bypass


      I’ve no problem with a lad singing it
      But that’s no surprise

      I pretty disgusted that ücker has denied it tho

    2. cluster

      He isnt just any old punter even if he acts like the gormless eejit in your local pub. He is the head of a national body – one that will be dealing with his equivalents in the IFA and the English FA etc. If you nor I did it, nobody would really care.

      Singing a song celebrating a contentious figure from recent history shows very poor judgement and would be seen by many as a tribal, political statement – not fitting for a man in his position.

      Anyway, if you want to see a united Ireland (and I would) you need to win the Unionists over. Singing PIRA songs is not likely to help achieve that.

  5. The Bad Ambassador

    Taken in isolation, I’d be inclined to think it more ill-advised than anything else – Delaney has always stuck me something of a gormless eejit.

    However, when Roy Hodgson is criticizing English fans for singing anti-IRA songs, the head of the FAI singing a republican song stands in stark contrast. .

    1. Ultach

      What’s the name of the team again – the Irish oh sorry hope we don’t offend you for existing, shure we’ll not even shpayke our own language and we’ll make shure our childers are good little emigrants and isn’t the queen a great wan altogether, here let me jump inta the ditch sor as I tug me forelock and dee ye be wantin tuh burn the thatch aff me roof agin sur, here have me beef an’ corn, shure I have plenty af grass tae bae aytin? Or is it the Irish Republic? Grow a pair, insipid southern pseudo nationalists, ffs. (Only referring to insipid southern pseudo nationalists, not the fine BS commentariat, just in case anyone takes offence).

      1. louislefronde

        Remind me what ‘our’ language is again?

        Ah you mean Gaelic?

        Of course….in your view we are all the same?

  6. Snide Commenter

    Head of the Republic of Ireland football association singing pro-republican song. Shocking altogether.

  7. lawless Frilly Keane

    It just proves that John Delaney is in my opinion nothing more than a piss head

    And for a lad who has insisted, more than once, that he would be paid more in the private sector

    I have to ask. By Who?

    Any Exec caught belting out Blanket Men Hunger Striker songs, anywhere, wouldnt even see their desk again.

  8. Paul Mangan

    Heard Emmet Malone giving out about JD on Sean O’Rourke this morning. Was outraged that someone called after 18th Century terrorist was allowed on air.

  9. mark

    JD kept saying it was sneaky the way somebody “taped” him. Kept saying “taped”. And he said it was private and he was “taped” in private. No John, you were in a pub. A pub. Not your shower or your kitchen.

    There is an England game coming up soon, the same England game that caused a bit of hassle in ’95. JD’s timing is so wrong its just bad.

    As a sports administrator and a high-level one at that, why does he just not ask himself before taking the mic: Is this really a good choice?

    Yes its a song, but he’s in the public domain and certainly aggressively getting himself out there. It more so asks the question, why are we again hearing or seeing JD in public re non football stories?

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