Sweet Justice


Shiela Larkin tweetz:

This tweet made for satisfying reading.

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30 thoughts on “Sweet Justice

    1. Zenon

      Someone give this man a medal! People i work with who did abuse fog lights don’t do that any more since i explained to them how dense they are not knowing what are fog lights designed for and they all feel stupid now.

      1. Zenon

        Actually, i will explain why i want all of them to die:
        Beam from fog lights is pointing down to highlight road markings and edge of the road IN DENSE FOG at low speed and have a back, red very bright light attached to it to make people see you in DENSE FOG. In normal conditions the red light is blinding everyone behind you and front lights, especially on wet road reflect from the wet surface right in my face not giving any benefit to you, they only highlight the nearest few meters in front of you.
        Now, my eyesight is good, i don’t know what it is for others but in the evening/night on wet road it’s worse than high beam light (high beam when correctly set is directed slightly to the left of the vehicle, fogs are full spread so no matter where i am, your for lights are blinding me).
        This being said, if you are doing this and see someone in the oncoming lane turning his fogs+high beam when they see you and there is no other traffic around, that’s me, it’s my way of saying “thank you” for blinding me, i needed that not to see anything for next 20-30 seconds after you passed me, who needs to see where they are going anyway.

    2. scottser

      not just the fog light abusers but those who colluded with, covered up for, and protected fog light abusers.

    3. Boba Fettucine


      I thought they’d brought this into law? Yet the roads are still awash with people who turn on the “looking cool’ lights.

    1. Neilo

      Hey man, SOME people actually know how to drive those boats in built-up areas. A minority, I’ll grant you…

    1. RealCorkLanger

      Well, its an offence mark, so what exactly is the problem?

      Presumably they shared it as a warning to others – dont do this,we do check it, those spaces are there for a reason

    2. Mister Mister

      They were also using a tax disc for another car, so god know what state his or her insurance was in.

  1. TheBeef

    I don’t understand this…this looks like a BMW to me and I’ve always just assumed that they get free reign on the roads, no?? They can run red lights, they NEVER have to use their indicators and they’re entitled to put on their blinding full headlights when they’re driving behind you at night to get you to move into the slow lane. That last one has happened just three times in all my years of driving and each time it was a BMW. Do they get a special driver’s manual or something?

    1. H

      Yes, they do have their own manual and they also have a secret handshake so they know each other out of their cars

    2. Parky Mark

      It’s not a slow lane. You sound like the kind of person who thinks they can drive in whatever lane they want no matter the circumstances.

      1. Yvette Harrington

        Damn me for taking the bait, but I have to point out how sad it is that you see the two words ‘slow lane’ and jump to the ridiculous conclusion that I’m someone who ‘thinks they can drive in whatever lane they want no matter the circumstances’. Good thing I didn’t accidentally use the term gas station or you might assume I drive on the right no matter what the circumstances. If I indicate and move into the overtaking lane to pass out a car, and a BMW, travelling way over the limit, speeds up behind me, puts on their fulls and blinds me, then they’re the ones who think that ‘they can drive in whatever lane they want no matter the circumstances’.

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          Ah, just flip ’em the bird in your rear-view mirror and slow RIGHT down.
          Usually does the trick.

    3. Boba Fettucine

      Whats the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?

      With a porcupine the pricks are on the outside.

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