The Best A Man Can Get




*strokes pencil moustache*

Kevin Whitty writes:

€45million has been raised this year so far globally which is unreal!! As this last business day of the month Ireland’s impressive tally might inspire people to donate in the last few hours of Movember..

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5 thoughts on “The Best A Man Can Get

  1. scottser

    yay, 45million raised for cancer research, the results of which will be owned by big pharma, who will charge us a jaysus fortune for treatment derived from said research. yay for big pharma profits!!

    sorry, i’m a bit cynical today.

    1. Kin Kong Ovo

      Me too, impressive tally eh?
      We’re third from the bottom per head.

      Per head scoring goes as:

      1st Australia
      2nd Canada
      3rd USA
      4th Ireland
      5th UK
      6th Norway

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