30 thoughts on “Heeere’s Vinny

  1. Lisa

    In fairness, well put together – ingredients notwithstanding. Good luck to them. We need as many strong domestic non-RTE voices as possible.

    1. louislefronde

      Ah TV3 – Could never quite get my head around how a private sector broadcaster should allow its main current affairs programme become the pedestal for every wing-nut and hard-left headbanger in Ireland?

    1. Lisa

      Yes, that 5 minute ad around the RTE offices which we all paid for. Which was ostensibly an ad about Big Music Week, whatever that was, but included all the RTE Usuals, for no obviously connected reason. Other than they’re lip synching. But that’s RTE in their own commercial twilight zone, so no worries. Licence fee, no foul.

  2. Dhaughton99

    Tacky and predicable. Like the station.
    I wouldn’t be bragging that Donal McIntyre works for me if I were them.

    Last sting of a dying wasp.

  3. Logitech G502 Protesus Core

    The shows would actually look better filmed in someone’s house as opposed to the headache inducing tacky blue screen sets.

    Makes me cringe when they throw X-Factor into their promos, how long before they lose that too and are rightly screwed? Looking at their ‘New Dawn’ promo, it’s startling how much of a same old sh*te vibe you get off it. Alan Hughes and Ireland AM, Xposé, Donal Macintyre’s Hysteria Weekly and their dreadful version of Loose Women… Yawn. At least they might have a new soap because this country is crying out for some new soaps. Pause not.

    The worst thing about TV3 for me is that they make me hate RTÉ a little bit less.

    1. ahjayzis

      Oh my god the bluescreens are TACK. Convinced they bought the whole set up on a deal-day in Aldi.

      That said, their physical sets when they do them are even worse. Ireland AM is just woefully amateurish, looks like a TY project.

  4. The super

    TV the last great scam. Buy a tele, licence, subscription then lie back and watch ad after ad. Suckers.

  5. Eliot Rosewater

    Ah it’s a decently put together ad, in fairness. But as someone said, they should really be putting in some of this money into their shows. Vincent Browne is a great show, but the set is awful, the camera work makes everybody look a little stretched and someone needs to do whatever people do to stop Vincent occasionally looking like a deer in the headlights when he stares into the camera for a few seconds and says nothing.

  6. DizzyDoris

    Vinnie is probably the best current affairs program of any station but why is on so late? I know it’s supposed to be for grownups but it would make way better ratings if it was on at 9 o’clock instead of 11.

    1. ahjayzis


      It’s also far too short and divided (journalists panel, discussion panel, journalists back reviewing papers) – way too many segments for what’s a 35 minute programme. Also 35minutes out of 60 of content is rubbish, the amount of ads and ad breaks is ridiculous.

      A few years ago it was better with just one panel and one discussion, proper time to flesh things out/skewer a hooer.

  7. Quint

    TV3 has a decent, concise news show at 5.30 that I watch most days. Unlike Six-One that goes on for about 4 days. Even the newscasters look bored.

  8. Mario Balotelli

    TV3 – it doesn’t cost you 160 quid a year and they have the odd decent thing on. No harm…

    1. GiGi

      The thing that’s staying with me from this New Dawn ad is that there’s been some crime committed on the street and a few minutes later the XPose Girls are running towards the crime scene like dogs after a pound of butcher’s sausages (not an euphemism ) : ) Also at this stage in TV3 lifespan the only thing left that’s any good is Vincent Brown. At my age and gender I’m meant to fawn over XPose’s daily beauty treats and faint at their entertainment tips. Culled mostly from a combination of news websites and Twitter trends, I. find XPose the big heap of nonsensical drivel. But it’s not the worst, oh no… that honour must go to that dreadful Loose Women type thing. As for The Morning Show, some of and the presenters are OK but again it’s so prosaic. Aidean Cooney seems like a nice genuine man on screen and I don’t mind listening to him over my cornflakes that said, I don’t much mind Sinead Desmond prattling on either but Anton Savage and Alan Hughes burn my brain. Mark Cagney (any time I’ve caught the show when he’s presenting he makes me laugh because of the disdain he shows for the lifestyle content. His facec always seems to say…how did I get here, I’m far too good for this muck. He’s very much a politics, music and meaty content man. The programme is a total mess. They would do well to find an Eamonn Holmes type and stop forcing a giggling Alan Hughes on us. As for Martin King…. I always feel like he’s giving me the weather before he sells me a used car. Just my opinion mind you, I’m probably 100 miles out to what everybody else is looking for from the TV3 schedule. So carry on…. as you were. : )

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