33 thoughts on “Saying The Unsinkable

    1. ahyeah

      That be the truth right there.

      Nothing to be appalled at here, folks. Move along. I’m all for making a drama out of relatively little when it involves racists, homophobic nazis, religions etc, but this is just silly.

    1. lawless Frilly Keane

      Yeah. Give ‘im his due like.

      That Sheeran fella was great too

      D’ya notice how he called out the dates to that girl to pick one.
      Feckin Danny could name his day out in Croker for his mini walk on

      That karate ninja wan stole the show for me tho

  1. Jim

    Tub’s is good with kids, as he knows they don’t pose a threat to him, however he is SHITE with adults. He has a Peter Pan complex going on…

  2. Hank

    Wow Vincent, you put all that effort in and spent your Friday night trying to turn nothing into something.
    Which is actually quite an apt metaphor for how my night went.
    Except I had fun..

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I prefer a meritocracy, rather than a bloke getting an opportunity, because he has powerful relatives.

  4. spork

    i almost couldn’t watch, it was so cringe. the triple “k” to the little girl was a lowlight, coming just after he vaugely choked her with a toy monkey. he was just rude and awkward with the kids, particularly in the first segment. hamming up the gaybo impression, but having none of gaybo’s genuine charm. for me though, what sums up tubs nicely, is that he missed so many opportunities to engage with, and let us hear from great kids. “It took me from the day after i got it, until the monday” LOL… a pro would’ve allowed that, and furthered the conversation, but Tub’s just had to go over twice and left little time for us to hear more from a clearly hugely bright kid.

    1. GiGi

      Tubs started out on the telly box reviewing books for a similar show to Dempsey’s Den. He started out doing what many kids were doing last last. I’ve met people who’ve worked with, for him and by all accounts he’s a lovely man. Watching last night I thought the show was really good this year and he was better than other years.

      1. spork

        well, that just goes to show that you can’t please everyone.

        other notable incidents include throwing water on the black girl’s hair (i’d like to see him try that with a grown up), which is an absolute no-no (it destroys the “do” which i’m sure someone put a lot of work into especially for the show), and shouting “jesus” as an expletive when he was on the drifter kart thing – i’m not a believer, but on a show with little kids watching there’s no need for it.

        just out of his depth IMO.

        1. lawless Frilly Keane

          Don’t know what prescriptions you’re on lad.

          Tubridy’s big kid ham last night worked very well. And he name checked as many performers as he could.

          Were you watching sum’ting else by any chance

          1. spork

            i’m pretty sure it was the toy show.

            i thought ed sheeran was brillant. relaxed, calm, respectful, and just being himself. the difference was startling.

            btw – i did enjoy all the performances, partly because tub’s couldn’t ruin them.

  5. GiGi

    For someone who is now very famous and an icon to young guys and gals I thought Ed Sheeran was so respectful to the young impressionable young girl on the show and he was dis-interested in putting himself out front even giving the end of his performance over to the young girl (I apologise I don’t remember her name. I think there’s a level of fame internationally that Ed Sheeron has that sharing it comes second nature to him. Meanwhile those who have a tiny amount if fame in an international stage (ie Irish TV presenters in particular) they don’t seem to want to or know how to chill out and give the guest the spotlight. Just a thought.

    1. Happy Molloy

      he seems like a super nice chap to be fair to him. apparently he’s big in the states now too, so really doesn’t need to bother with Ireland but does as he has family here and likes the place and all that craic

      1. lawless Frilly Keane

        I had t’ watch the whole thing back yesterday. Yeah. I know. Had t’be done.

        Anyway picked up during the Sheeran segment that got missed the night before with young wans screaming; That lad was gigging that night in Newcastle, and flew over here after the gig.

        He wasn’t a bit put out or rockstarry or an’ting.

        Tell ya. They’re gone mad for ‘im in my house

  6. AliG

    Tubridy did fantastic, I have to say i think he did better than Gaybo. it is a high spirited live show with kids so there will always be a few things that sound bad afterwards but not many presenters would have the guts to do a live show, yet alone one with kids.

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