53 thoughts on “The Pins Of Hate

  1. Anne

    In Cork, this one time, a man who was much of hair of face and shabbimess of clothes once asked me if I was a “fvck1ng stockbroker”. This because I was on my mobile phone. It was a Panasonic EB-G520. Today, I would not ask someone if they were a stockbroker if they were on this phone,
    That’s cos I am nice and the phone is a piece of sh1te.

    1. Zynks

      The guy knows nothing, everyone knows that there ain’t such a thing as a female stockbroker.

      Havin’ said that, Anne, do you really remember the 2 letter dash 1 letter plus three numbers model of a 15 year old phone? Are you a stockbroker by any chance?

      1. Anne

        Yes and no. I grew up without any mobile phones being around. This meant people’s poor overworked brains had to remember things like phone numbers. It was good training for remmebering all other sorts of numerical details too.
        Then people let the iPhone 3 do all their talking and thinking for them and the average iq sunk like a stone in a pond.
        True story.

  2. Soundings

    Was he around 5 feet tall, in a smart overcoat? Little fecker was barging his way along the footpath on Sth Great George Street last week, poking people, including me and I was walking by myself, with his finger and yelling “fornicator!” at them.

    BTW, you have fetching legs, but somehow your pic above reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, a house hasn;’t just landed on you, has it.

    1. Temple Bar Denizen

      Little old guy with a white moustache, a bit dressed up in a tiny suit like a stockbroking ewok? Someone like him used to charge into women on O’Connell street and shout ‘you fuppin bitch!’ and make as if they had bumped into him. Nasty little divil.

    2. Ciarán

      Ha ha, like fornicator is an insult!
      If some old guy shouted that at me I’d just spin around and give him a Fonzie-style smile and double thumbs up. Don’t you know it.

  3. Selfie Sensation

    You should have told him to fupp off looking at your legs and then kicked him in the balls.

  4. DD

    Walking down the Rathmines rd recently behind a young Eastern European couple-they were carrying a load of bargain bog roll. An oul fella approached them and asked them if they were, “off to take a f**king shite?”.
    They were awful confused.

    1. Stewart Curry

      Dublin wit is basically saying the first thing that comes into your head without letting your brain worry about it too much.

  5. Owen

    A lady’s dress / skirt should be like a good speech. Short, covering the essentials, and easy to be in a room with.

    You Lucy, are a good speech.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I remember the last time I was uneasy with a skirt in a room… it was so wide it touched all four walls of the room, and it barely 6 inches too. Most intimidating.

      I was hemmed in by it when the door closed !

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