Paddy Angryman: The Finale



The gripping second part of the two part closer of the dark but funny yet controversial web series featuring an uncanny mid-career Kevin Keegan  Vincent Browne (top).

Roll on the second series.


Starring Giles Brody, Charlene Craig and Tara Flynn. Director of Photography James McDonnell; Assistant Director: Eoin Duggan; Production Design: Donnacha O’Brien; Written and directed by Diarmuid O’Brien.

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Thanks Simon Mulholland

2 thoughts on “Paddy Angryman: The Finale

    1. Pascal

      Fupping hell, you’re right! Look no further for the biopic. I’ve seen him pop up in lots of things down through the years – Rubberbandits Dads Best Friend, that DOD show from a while back – and he’s always good. His Vinny Brown is spot on.

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