Together At Last



JustEat’s Edel Kinane, (right) and Hailo’s Fiona Lucey today

As inevitable as Brad and Angelina.

But possibly even tastier.

Mark writes:

Just Eat and Hailo have today announced a nationwide dual branding partnership which will see the two leading consumer brands come together with co-branded pizza boxes and delivery paper bags offering a €10 Hailo credit to new Hailo customers. Both companies offer easy-to-use apps allowing custNOMNOMNOMNOM


(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

No fee, cash, favours, pizzas, ‘drives home’ given for this post.

23 thoughts on “Together At Last

  1. delacaravanio

    What a service: a tenner into town, twenty for the pizza, and fifty if you’re sick in the back seat.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            I meant the tip. They could be very cruel if they wanted to depending on 1) weather/rain and 2) hangover level

          2. rotide

            between 2 and 5 euro depending on factors like distance and how much i actually have. Used to do it by calling cab companies, I’ve tried it with halo and as soon as they accept, call them and ask if theyll do it.

    1. James

      Because the drivers are female, and half of them sits on the opposite side to the driving wheel, apparently…

  2. Jonjo

    So are the drivers going to start delivering food now? While giving out about the foreign double jobbers?

  3. andy

    Hailo has defo dropped its standards over the last few months, used to be an excellent service but lately the “estimated time” is always completely inaccurate, ordered one on Monday evening at around 6.45, told me the driver was 2 mins away, didnt arrive til nearly 10 past 7

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Did it fall victim to over-publicity do you think?
      Any time I got a cab it was ‘Hailo this and Hailo that, you have to use Hailo next time’ – I’m always a little suspicious of the beneficiary of a service pushing it constantly.

      1. Mikeyfex

        I’ve never had a problem and it’s really convenient.

        Ok, one time I had a problem in that i was left waiting 25mins when it said 6mins away. So I cancelled and got someone else. An hour later I took a phone call from the first taxi driver, a nice man from Bangladesh who explained his new phone was acting up and he couldn’t see that he’d accepted anything.

        He’s since picked me up, coincidentally, and we both remembered each other and had a right ole hearty laugh about it.

        We’re getting married next June.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Ah. You book them I see.
          I just flag ’em down while I’m walking home and it involves just raising the arm and extending it slightly as opposed to logging in to an app.

          *the cabs that is – not the Indian men.
          Congrats all the same. Bet Lionel Richie will be your first dance at the nuptials.

      2. B Bop

        They drop a lot of credit card pick ups to-switch to cash & up they pop.
        Watched a Hailo driver go 3 times to the right round by O’Briens of Leeson St-each time I’m on the phone waving &directing him-I’m on the left side of street by the bridge.
        The 4th time the Eejit attempted to turn right I just hung up.

  4. Kieran NYC

    This is taking the ol’ “At the end of a night out, finding a place that delivers, ordering food to your house and asking the driver for a lift” trick to a whole new level!

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