14 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Rep

    I like the way EVERYTHING is now the governments fault. A few months ago, DCC couldn’t do anything right, now they are laughing away as Enda & Joan get the blame for everything.

  2. Siju Cat

    Who owns those apartments on Dublin castle grounds that look on to Dame street. Have seen many a party in there and always wondered how you get a sweet place like that.

  3. pissedasanewt

    That bush on the other side of that house needs a trim also..

    Could be part of government reforms, Bertie himself said he’d looked up every tree in North Dublin trying to week out corruption. No trees makes this process much more efficient.

  4. Selfie Sensation

    Yeah because the Gubermint are directly responsible for the upkeep and Maintenance of the Grounds of Dublin Castle. I heard Joan had issued a decree that any tree without a water meter installed was to be chopped down before Christmas.

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