14 thoughts on “Feck The Halls

    1. Liam from Lixnaw

      waiting till Fiona passes out from drinking too much cheap Galahad lager again – the usual Sunday night at the Coyle’s house

  1. Sinabhfuil

    You know that old Irish legend that when you die, all the animals you’ve been kind to in life will be waiting for you on the other side of the gates, to guide you through the dangers that await you…

  2. Feegan

    Cruelty is starving an animal, killing an animal, leaving an animal in the freezing cold, beating an animal…

    Dressing up an animal you probably take care of quite well if you’re bothered enough to buy them clothes and taking a picture is fairly low on the DSPCA’s priorities I’d imagine.

  3. Feegan

    ‘Forced a straight jacket on you’?! get a bit of perspective and drop the name calling.

    How do you know the dog is terrified?! They’re not your dog and don’t appear to be in any present danger.

    1. Soundings

      How do I know the dog is scared? Tail firmly between its legs, head unusually lowered, clumsy posture, the white of the eyes.

      How do you know if a person looks sad, happy, guilty? The facial and body signals are universal, whether you’re in some lost tribe in Guinea or Banagher. Same thing with dogs, been around them all my life, that’s how I know the dog looks upset.

      Some animals mightn’t mind having something attached to them which they can’t shake off, this dog is not one of them, at least not based on that picture. Their owner is a bloody idiot, at least in terms of caring for a dog.

  4. One Dub

    Listen here, I was being nice earlier, stop teasing me.
    I’ll stick a banger up a cat’s arse for YouTube hits.*

    Allow me to quote myself…from a post has been since deleted…

    I’m no animal lover.
    Animals as ‘pets’ are only there to belong to someone who chooses to own them.
    Animals are for eating, and they taste delicious.

    Get a grip.

    *NO, that was not true. I would never touch a filthy animal like a dog or cat.

  5. Caroline

    Maybe it could just be limited to cats. If you can get a jumper on a cat, some level of consent has to be implied. Unless you can take a photo using the scarified remains of your ulna.

  6. One Dub

    Holy Poop Batman, but the speed at which comments get censored/deleted on this site, considering that it’s Sunday night and all that…I’m F**king impressed..

    I’m also slightly annoyed that you ruin my jokes BS, but hey, this is YOUR site.
    -No offense taken, YSOS.

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