Not A Creature Was Stirring



Gavin McGuinness writes:

This is Millie…. She’s a Boxer Lab cross…


Collette Willis writes:

Sam. Despite the look he’s actually enjoying himself….


Elisa writes:

Normally Mac’s a cheeky chappy but he’s carrying a few extra pounds this Yuletide and doesn’t fit into last years jacket. (He’s asked Santa for some new threads)


Pól Ó Cionnaith writes:

This is Kuma loving the Xmas shenanigans waaaay over here in Korea. Such joy.



Sarah Daly writes:

Here is my 7 year old cat Myles who is recovering from an operation on his back this Xmas . He is recuperating with the help of some little Xmas tees. Ho Ho Ho

My pet at Xmas to marked ‘My Pet At XMas’