33 thoughts on “Facilitating Torture

  1. The People's Hero

    Is that elderly lady who keeps/kept ‘breaking into’ Shannon Airport still in prison? Can’t remember her name…

      1. Nigel

        Does she get to say ‘I told you so?’ Or is being morally in the right no excuse for such uncouth behaviour?

  2. Kolmo

    Can someone explain the political motivation behind letting these criminal flights come and go through supposedly non-aligned air-space AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE?
    Mr. Aherne told people objecting to these flights to present him with evidence of weaponry, kidnapping etc knowing full-well IRISH soldiers and armed Gardaí were posted at the perimeter fencing to stop anyone approaching foreign military aircraft with the implied threat of a lethal reaction.

    Someone explain this to me.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Thursday’s child broke your face,
            Friday’s child applied the clamps
            Saturday’s child filled up the camps….


  3. Blueswannabe

    When you read the details what happened was evil, very little words for holding a man for four years after you know he’s innocent. Even Bush was shocked by it, mock executions and so much in the full report is a full on war crime. And the only guy from CIA doing time over this? The Whistleblower.

  4. Hashtag Diversity

    Utterly shameful behaviour. Not that anyone should be surprised at the disclosures of the report.

    Between the PrimeTime investigation into abuse of elders and this, you’d wonder where Ireland’s sense of humanity has really gone.


    1. Twunt

      Jesus wept a bit of perspective. Comparing the rendition flights to abuse in care homes, seriously, wtf!!!

      The care home issue was not something perpetrated by the state, it was done by individuals and could happen at any time in any place.

    2. mauriac

      lets remember america was doing the kidnapping and torturing .Ireland asked about the passengers and was assured that everything was above board.Its hard to know what to do about a rogue country like Israel blatantly using Irish passports and then brazenly denying it..

      1. YimYames

        WTF has this got to do with Israel?

        “Ireland asked about the passengers and was assured that everything was above board”

        you naive little boy

        1. Twunt

          ahhh now YimYamms, most Irish people can’t let up the chance to have a dig at the yids, even if is a poor fit that has to be shoehorned in.

  5. Anonanoanom

    The innocent people it happened to is horrific and we should not have helped, but the fact they actually found Bin Laden because they used these means will be forgotten and if actual terrorists, 100% known terrorist we’re tortured, what’s the problem with that.

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