While You Were Sleeping



This occured.

A cryptic, unusual and reasonably chilling 12.30am contribution from Fine Gael’s former ‘water minister’ Fergus O’Dowd during the passage of the Water Services Bill in the Dáil.

‘Forces at work’ within the Department of the Environment to get Irish Water privatised?


Thanks Oireachtas Retort

19 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. JimmytheHead

    wtf, these midnight Dáil meetings… its like they dont even try and cover up half the stuff theyre doing now. why not just get a big sheet to cover over irish Water and pretend its not there?

    1. The super

      She has the power now? CC spitting out his dummy is how I saw it, childish behaviour from a very well paid public servant.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    You mean Phil Hogan wasn’t working for the people but private interests…. that’s not a surprise in fairness. The cnut should be charged with gross incompetence and wasting tax payers money.

    Punishment to be meted out by shoving a hose up his arse and having him pay the equivalent in IW consultants fees to keep that tap turned off.

  3. Steve

    Beware the ramblings of a scorned former junior minister. He’s so far backbench now that you can actually see the chamber railings behind him.

  4. Hawthorn

    This guy was fuming one night on the Oireachtas report as he was contradicted somehow or made to look a fool by a civil servant I think. He could end up blowing the lid in vengeance.

  5. Dubloony

    Forces? I wish to Christ people would speak plainly so we knew what was going on.
    IW should be enshrined in constitution, once its fit for purpose.

  6. ollie

    irish water was established with 10 million shares. the only reason for this approach is to facilitate a partial privatisation. also, eu competition laws will force a privatisation.
    so, fine gael are liars, nothing new there.

  7. Mary Kavanagh

    “Other forces, not political…I don’t know what they are”? He nearly spilled the beans there! Looked like he was going to say commercial. At around 2.00 in the video.

  8. noreen Murphy

    The forces Fergus refers to are the industry lobby groups such as Veolia and Celtic Anglian Water and consultancy firm McKinsey &Co. They have been calling the tune in the Dept of the Environment for quite some time. We already have quite a number of priveratly operated water and wastewater treatment plants already. So you see, the government will not row back on Irish Water because it is the corporations that call the shots, they are the masters that the Irish government serve.

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