Ships – ‘The Space Inside’
Girl Band – ‘Lawman’
Talos – ‘Tethered Bones’
Clu – ‘Mirrors’
New Jackson – ‘Having A Coke With You’
The Gloaming – ‘Sailor’s Bonnet’
God Knows + MynameIsJohn – ‘Standard’
EMBRZ – ‘Slow Down’
Rocstrong – ‘Go Head’
UNKNWN – ‘Devil’

The top ten Irish songs of 2014.

As controversially selected by Nialler9.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

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26 thoughts on “No Hozier

  1. Bonzor

    Ugh.. Rocstrong – Go Head. TXFM/Phantom played that goddamn song to death. It was alright the first few hundred times…

  2. Mikeyfex

    Only familiar with MynameisjOhn + Godknows (very good), haven’t heard of any of the rest and I’m actually ok with that. I’m snagged on early 90s hiphop at the moment and I’m not sure if it’ll be backwards to motown or onwards to noughties abstract funk when I grow tired of scarface and his buddies. So I’m not sure I’ll get to these above. I’m not sure I’ll have enough time.

  3. Hank

    I’d forgotten about Girl Band – ‘Lawman’ – it’s brilliant.
    Haven’t heard any of the other 9 though..

  4. rotide

    Bet Hozier was in the top 10 last year when noone knew who he was. You can pretty much guarentee he’d be in it this year if Church hadn’t have blown up.

  5. Snow Queen Frilly Keane

    I’m rapidly aging.
    I must be
    ‘Took the dog out this am. And I’m still crippled with ache of bitter mean cold.

    Now. As I run down that list of Nialler’s I note I have never heard of any of ’em.

  6. Mike

    Haven’t heard of any of them , puts me in the grand dad category too :(

    Checked a few of them out though quite liked the Girl Band track. Makes me want to go and listen to the pixies.

  7. Bobs Fettucine

    Even Neiller Nein must be getting on a bit at this stage. Time to lever out of the skinny jeans, put on some comfy knitwear and listen to some Miles Davis. Sketches of Spain or something, not On The Corner, instead of pretending that Jon3zz Erukptchion’s new tune ‘///2pazzmo////’ is the greatest piece of music ever recorded.

  8. JunkFace

    I hate that Take me to church song, BOOOOOOORRRRRIIINNNNGGG!

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. There’s way better Irish music that could be hyped te fook

  9. Odockatee

    For what its worth, here’s some I think should be included

    Bell X1 – Feint Praise
    Hozier – From Eden
    Ham Sandwich- Illuminate
    Wallis Bird – Hardly Hardly
    Le Galaxie – Humanise

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