The Blurry Reg Of Shame


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.45.43

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.46.48

Further to the SUV pavement debacle…

Jimmy The Head writes:

“I went through that video footage frame by frame (off YouTube so not great quality) but managed to pull a few still images showing the number plate. I think I managed to guess the right reg after a few attempts!…”


What NOW?

*fondles pitchfork*

*calls guards*

Previously: Who Was In The SUV?


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187 thoughts on “The Blurry Reg Of Shame

        1. Wayne Carr

          In quite a small amount of words. It just makes you seem like the ignoramus, rather than the people you dismiss.

          Anyway, I am playing in the traffic. INTERNET TRAFFIC. #were #where #difference

          1. Grammer Nazi

            Number, not amount. And “It just makes you seem like the ignoramus, rather than the people you dismiss” is clumsy. Try “It makes you seem ignorant, not the people you dismiss.”

  1. anomanomanom

    Maybe not be a moron. Ring the police if your this bothered by it. Because if its not the right reg, if i was the owner of the details you posted id be taking action against BS.

    1. JimmytheHead

      anon maybe you’d like to read the previous threads about this. Garda already claimed the car never even mounted the pavement. someone contacted them and they were dismissed. Im in work so cant leave desk til later but if you’d like to grow a pair and help them by all means…

    2. Hank

      It is the right reg – you can make it out from the photo.
      The further you zoom out, the clearer the reg gets.

  2. JunkFace

    I did the same thing. Even after sharpening the images in Photoshop all I got was 05D,blur,blur,blur,44. You did way better!

    1. ElZilcho

      This seems to be the kind of comment that’s accompanying this story on this site. It seems that some people think that a hit-and-run is perfectly acceptable, as long as you have some half-formed belief that the victims in this case were lefties/dole scum. People commenting in this vein really ought to take a good look at themselves, as they seem to show a disturbing and sadistic predilection for acts of violence, which is what this was.

      But then again, hit-and-run trolling seems to be the stock in trade of certain individuals commenting on this story, so it’s no wonder you admire this person’s handiwork.

    1. Murtles

      Already stated in the other thread that the Guards didn’t want to know about it so the possiblities of a case being brought against Jeep Cherokee are minimal.

    2. Odis

      Gotham has Batman, Dublin has JimmytheHead. Granted its not quite the same thing but I only wish we had some sort of anonymous vigilante, keeping the streets safe, in the culchie hell hole, where I live.

    3. Artemis

      Yes, video footage of a crime, generally tends to prejudice the person committing the crime.
      You would hope anyway.

      1. Anonanoanom

        by putting the ? after slander you asked a question. Then calling me a fool after asking Me a question only makes you out to a moron.

    1. Daniel

      How slander, which is/was spoken defamation, and is now just plain defamation.

      So, how can one defame an inanimate object, like an SUV or a teapot??

      Did anyone name a driver??

      It’s for AGS to investigate who exactly might have been driving this vehicle on a footpath, dangerously, and striking a pedestrian in the process.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I want to see a series of tinsel-adorned christmas pitchforks. Cats and dogs have run their course.

  3. Medium Sized C

    Tis dangerous driving, but I wonder if this kind of focused effort towards extrajudicial investigation would take place had this not occurred during the protest.

    Would any of you give a shite, like?

      1. Owen

        And if they have a house, of course. And are Irish. And are slightly, if not fully, anti-government.

        Oh, and pro choice.


  4. Boba Fettucine

    Vehicle Registration Number 05D68044
    Vehicle Details CHRYSLER / OTHER
    Change Of Vehicle Ownership
    Purchased by a Dealer on : 31/10/2014

    Notified on : 07/11/2014
    Vehicle Registration Certificate
    No Vehicle Registration Certificate issued in the last 3 months

      1. Owen

        Im going to guess it’s someone with a normally ‘objective’ approach to the legal systems. ie: “known to the Guardi” already. = stolen car / never registered / banned driver / etc etc.

  5. zynks

    So BS blanks number plates, faces of strangers and swearing on pretty much all posts, then when we have a situation that can really put someone at risk….

  6. Kin Kong Ovo

    I’ve a question for everyone who said in previous posts “A few hours delay is a small price to pay for a fair treatment ” or to not have to pay your dues or whatever –

    Let’s suppose this guy had a pregnant woman about to give birth in that car and was on his way to hospital, let’s suppose it was a difficult pregnancy and the life of the mother and child were at risk.
    Would you all be so proud of the idiots standing in the road?

    Let’s say it was another kind of emergency. A loved one collapsed and there was no time for ambulance calling, just throw them in the car and floor it.

    You’d do the exact f*****g same if something so trivial was about to cost you the life of a loved one.

    1. Stephanenny

      Let’s say you have some kind of method of exiting your car, of communicating somehow. Say by using a door type mechanism or some kind of window and a voice with word type things to tell protesters about your pregnant passenger. What do you do? Do you run your car into a group of people or do you open the window and yell at them?

        1. Irie

          The driver was caught at the next set of lights by the protesters who gave chase. He had a kid in the back seat so they didn’t hold him for the cops.

    2. yoji

      Oh can I play?

      Let say you have a visitor from another planet in your car and you have to get them to their mothership or the other aliens will assume he were killed and will launch an all out attack on the earth and enslave us all on a mining planet. Most will die on the trip but the few that survive will be cloned and made toil away the rest of their lives in a dark cold mine on a far away planet.


      Or… You’re Jack Bauer and you’re on Butt Bridge …

    3. pedeyw

      You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone

      1. Artemis

        da na na na na na
        There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call … The Twilight Zone.

  7. Edie

    Great, now did you get the identities of the scumbags that were intimidating ordinary people going about their business and climbing on the bonnets of cars in traffic? Also some footage of what happened in the seconds leading up to the incident? Amazing the way all these videos start at a convenient time so as not to offer context.

  8. Joe

    that reg is a best guess, ye could be hanging an innocent person posting that. suggest ye take tis post down quick smart BS.

  9. Ted

    I cannot believe some of the replies from people thinking that its OK that this person knocked down another human-being and drove off.
    Fair enough these people should not have been blocking traffic, we all know that but whether you agree with them or not, knocking a person down on a public footpath and driving off it completely wrong.
    The driver should definitely be prosecuted.
    Shame on the people who think its acceptable to run over people just because you don’t agree with them.

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  11. Joxer

    good work Jimmy

    the car was driven onto the footpath and hit at least one person – that pretty much sums up the case there. What should happen now is AGS find the driver or registered owner, investigate the circumstances and if , as is plainly obvious, a crime has been committed, should then charge the occupant of the car or at least try determine who was driving and charge them. basic plod work. this video is evidence of at least three crimes 1) driving on the footpath 2) collision with a pedestrian 3) leaving the scene of an accident. you could probably throw in attempted murder , failure to drive with due care and attention and any other driving related offences i guess. but that’s LCD’s domain

    irrespective of what was holding up the traffic you are not allowed drive on footpaths, and last time I checked colliding with someone and then driving off is similarly frowned upon .

    should this post be here? course it should if it brings pressure on AGS to investigate the incident

  12. bobdoge

    Just gave the them a call there a minute ago. Seems this car is out on “loan”.
    Asked how much they’d take off the price tag of € 4,950 ,due to the fact it was used in a criminal offence , they are only willing to give €250 off! Told him he may want to find out who was driving the car and give the Gardai a call.

      1. bobdoge

        In fairness, the guy didn’t seem to have known about what had happened, however, he didn’t seem too concerned either. Mind you, that’s only the perception i got.

          1. bobdoge

            Nah, whoever was driving knows it’s out there now and will definitely go to the Gards to get this sorted out. Even if it wasn’t psychotic rage rather than genuine panic that made them act in such a dangerous and aggressive manor, I’m surprised they hadn’t already contacted the Guards. Making it worse for themselves in the long term.

        1. JimmytheHead

          its a bit of a weird conversation to have of a friday eve…

          “any jeeps?”


          “knock a few quid off the one with the blood on it yea?”

          “you what mate?”

          *hangs up*

  13. rotide

    Well, we always knew you had journalistic pretensions Broadsheet.

    Congrats on making it all the way down to the level of the Daily Mail.

  14. JunkFace

    Jesus Christ people!! The SUV driver mounted the footpath and knocked down people! And then sped off. A horrible hit & run in a packed city centre that could have killed someone. Finding the reg number and passing on the info to the guards is the right thing to do. No one has been slandered, no names have been published in a public forum. RTE’s Crime call ask for the public’s help all of the time with similar crimes to this.

    Calm the F down, and hopefully the Guards will get this lunatic off the road for good.

    1. Artemis

      Going on the expert advice of broadsheet commenters, it seems RTE are prejudicing those individuals showing the video footage.

        1. Caroline

          What if you knew the person who owned a car bearing that registration? The implication you get from reading this post is that they are a homicidal maniac.

          It could play out a number of ways.

          1. It was driven by the owner, and they are a homicidal maniac.
          2. It was driven by the owner, but their actions were innocent and explicable, contrary to the impression given by the comments in this thread.
          3. It was not driven by the owner, whose homicidal tendencies remain unproven.
          4. The car did not bear that registration number.

          Of course, you could argue that there’s nothing here to suggest that the car was driven by its owner, but assuming it was driven by its owner is entirely reasonable, and I think there are plenty of people who would be confident of arguing it.

          It’s just a risk, that’s all.

  15. Drebbin

    Jesus Christ people!! The SUV driver mounted the footpath and ploughed through the children! And then sped off cackling Satanically. A horrible hit & run in a packed city centre that left hundreds dead or worse! Guessing at the reg number and posting it online is the right thing to do. Passing it to the actual police force would only end up in a trial, and who needs that? People have been ploughed down!

          1. Drebbin

            This is not Woodward and Bernstein. It’s a bunch of chumps deciding they know what happened before the camera started, and assuming that sticking their opinions up on a website is better than reporting to the Guards. Studenty self-importance run amok, in other words.

            JunkFace’s “Oh who will save the chilluns!” is laughable, but not much more laughable than the other pompous or illiterate halfwits on here.

    1. JunkFace

      You sullied the name Drebbin. How dare you sir!

      Never mind the hit and run, the real crime is that the reg number had gone public! Oh no! You are all Daily Mail journo’s now! Heaven fore fend!

  16. Truth in the News

    There should be plenty of footage of this particular vechicle
    from all the traffic cameras that easily track the movements
    the SUV the subject of the alleged incident and would also
    identify who was in control of it.
    There is also a legal issue in that a driver in control of vechicle
    involved in an incident in a public place must remain at the scene and
    report it.
    In relation to the monitoring of what was happening in the center
    of the City on Wednsday there would be intensive surveillance to
    establish the identity of those who were on the R2W march, as
    many of those were not from the greater Dublin area and were from
    the regions, and it is from the mobilisation of these regions that spells
    the threat to the stability of the present government.

  17. Continuity Jay-Z

    The sad this is the reason the driver was in such a panic was because they left a tap running in the house.

  18. Royal M

    Irrespective of your stance on water charges or the protests against them, how can anybody ever be justified in mounting the footpath in a two tonne vehicle and driving it through people?

    1. Diddley Aye

      Lets work it out Royal M.
      The driver was blocked in traffic by these so called peaceful protestors. Obsturcted if you like, therefore entitled to move off the road to get past the obstruction.
      The driver did not drive through people. The peaceful protestors moved agressively towards the SUV to keep it blocked in.
      The driver did not hang around. Neither would I, and I suspect neither would you submit yourself to a bit of mob justice for this crowd.
      Theres loads more wrong with this story thats being put around of a heartless snobby 4X4 ploughing through innocent passers by. Try putting yourself in their shoes.

          1. Diddley Aye

            Flesh and bones inside the car as well. Those Eirigi scumbags are the proud descendents of the people who pulled two two british soldiers from their car in 1988. Remember how that ended.

    2. Royal M

      @Diddley Aye
      No you’re wrong, you are not entitled to mount the footpath in a motor vehicle if the road is blocked and then plough through a load of pedestrians. What makes you so sure they are “Eirigi scumbags”? There’s absolutely zero evidence to suggest this, merely your prejudices.

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