The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done


Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 11.36.49

Skier Cody Townsend takes a straight line down one of the gnarliest vertical chutes of the Alaska Tordrillos Mountain Range, earning himself the “Best Line” award at the 15th annual Powder Awards.

And fresh pants, presumably.

(H/T: Graeme Kelly)

10 thoughts on “The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done

  1. Wayne.F

    Cody has Balls like a Bengali tiger, the whole segment is him and 3 other skiers discussing fear, & pushing their limits. It shows how the analyse each line they ski and how they asses the risk.

    1. Wayne.F

      No very talented, considered and thoughtful athlete, who spends hours analysing and assessing potential lines before skiing them.

        1. Wayne.F

          Or because it is his job! This is what he does for a living! Having meet the guy I can assure you he is one of the nicest most humble people you will meet. He is probably the finest skier on the planet and has been for a few years but just gets on with being him and pushing the limits!

          Like I said watch the entire segment from the movie its about 15 minutes long and called fear

  2. Freddie

    There were clearly tracks of a previous skier in front of him the whole way down. Why didn’t they get any credit?

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