14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Arnotts

  1. Brian S

    The world needs a pandemic of some sort urgently. The flock needs to be thinned, Nathan barley is everywhere

  2. Clampers Outside!

    In the near future one will be able to go for a walk in a park and watch selfie stick types battle quadcopter drone cameras operated by couch gamers.

    And we can watch the edited high lights crammed into a 2 minute GoRedBullPro commercial on the aul youtube.

    Watch this space !

  3. GiGi

    Home worn the flu last week I Maura Doraaaaaaan made my ears bleed banging in about this selfie stick. I do believe given a few more minutes she would have wet herself with the excitement. She proceeded to demonstrate to the “Today” viewers how AH-MAZE-BALLS the selfies stick was. She had taken some selfies before the show to demonstrate. The big news was that the button vlose tonyou on the stick controls your phone proppex at the tip of the stick. Like in Father Ted… ” Near, Far Away”.
    Living in her own little selfie important bubble me thinks. Mauraland – population 1

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