‘To Enhance The Protection Of Vulnerable Clients’


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The HSE has issued a tender for security surveillance technology.

Meanwhile HSE director general, Tony O’Brien, will answer questions in light of the Áras Attracta scandal in the Oireachtas Health Committee today in Committee Room 3 at 7pm.

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Via Damien Mulley

4 thoughts on “‘To Enhance The Protection Of Vulnerable Clients’

  1. Same Old Guy

    There’s gotta be one AIB/BOI/IBRC left over that can have millions of debt written off to be bought by DOB and awarded this contract. Actually maybe they’ve already won the tender!

  2. Stephanenny

    I seriously doubt this is going to be put into places like Aras Attracta. It’s a coincidence. You can’t put CCTV into what amounts to a person’s home.

  3. les rock

    closing date January 25th. oBriens company will be set up around march time. He’ll get the contract then

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