28 thoughts on “For Those About To Scalp

  1. Bobojoc

    A little birdie told me the promoter has the stadium booked for two consecutive nights….. then he flew away!

  2. Anonanoanom

    Whats the problem with saying €600. No body is forced to pay. I stood in a line from 7:10am to get my tickets. And yes i will be making a profit on 2 of them. Nobody has to buy them.

    1. Real_life_1

      So what you’re saying is…you’re a d!ck driving up prices for some people who legitimately want to go but wont now cause they cant affiord it? But that’s ok right?

      Got my 4 anyway happy days. Wish they’d start stamping tickets with names so scalpers couldnt function and the only way to get reimbursement if you couldnt go was to return to seller for small fee.

      1. Anonanoanom

        Course. Nobody has to buy them. But the will. Because this “Dickhead” went out of his way to get up at 6:30am and stand in line for hours. And i won’t be charging a ridiculous €600. But i will make money .

        1. Real_life_1

          Horrible person.

          Already there is enough middle men without degenerates like you.

          Stand in line? I got mine online in second. MUG!

        2. kevin Keegan

          Just because you stupidly qued for some tickets does not mean you entitled to rip somebody else off.
          Being a tool must be a burden but it doesn’t mean you should get a cash bonus.Sorry

    2. rotide

      If the tickets sell for 600 Euro then they’re worth 600 euro. I have no idea why people get in such a tizzy about this.

      If you REALLY want to pay face value for the tickets, be online or in the queue to get them. These are popular gigs and are going to be sold out quickly and tickets are going to be pricy in the secondary market.

      If this guy wants to sell them for a fortune, more power to him. If you think it’s worth paying the money, then do it. If you don’t then don’t.

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