Dachshund Through The Snow


Doggy Xmas 2014 006-3 Monty Christmas 009-3Doggy Xmas 2014 1-3Doggy Xmas 2014 010-2


One big happy family.

With a cuckoo in the nest.

Helen writes:

From top: “Dolly; Ruby, Dolly’s mother; ‘Fast’ Freddy, Dolly’s father, and last but not least is the old guy, Monty. He THINKS he’s Dolly’s father and looks after her! All of them are Long-Haired Miniature Dachshunds….


Claire K writes:

Lulu having an Elf’ing Christmas from a few years ago.

My pet at Xmas to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘My Pet At Xmas’.

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8 thoughts on “Dachshund Through The Snow

    1. Where's Frilly?

      Ah’ wha’ D’ Doggies do to you Spag

      Are ya just not in the humour

      Maybe you should get yerself a pair of them legwarmers like Lulu’s

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Doggie bit Lil’ Hoop and another doggie pooped in Lil’ Hoop’s bed. Another doggie caused Hoop to crash and another doggie kept Hoop up all night barking…. (couldn’t talk for weeks).

        1. Where's Frilly?

          You need to pick up better wimin Spag

          What shape of a woman was that to poo in the bed…

          Unless…. Whatever yer inta I suppose

          It takes all sorts

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