Hail Fellow Well Metro



Luca (above) hands out the Metroherald for the last time to Dublin Commuters earlier this morning.

G’wan the yellow coats.

Last edition online here

(Leon Farrell/Photocall ireland)

20 thoughts on “Hail Fellow Well Metro

    1. missred

      Rush-hour Crush was in the London one, the one here was Yeh Big Ride. Some slightly creepy stalking occurred over the years from it

      1. The Old Boy

        “You were the comatose girl on the 2am Nightlink from D’Olier Street, I was the elderly gent with a Guinness stain on my tie and a camera under my newspaper.”

  1. Christopher

    I’ll miss the yellow coats- so friendly with big smiles so early in the morning.

    And how will we get by without the horoscopes? ;(

  2. louislefronde

    I’d far more respect for the Metro-Coats than the Chugggers collecting money for (c̶r̶o̶o̶k̶s) charities in the vicinity of Grafton Street…

  3. pissedasanewt

    They never actually reported their own news, they just gathered stories from other sources from the day before. But it was a decent way to while away the commute. They will be missed and its a pity for the staff to be out of work so close to Christmas..

  4. Niamh

    I don’t read it so didn’t realise it was finishing up. Does this mean they’re all out of a job right before Christmas? That’s awful sad. If I’d known I probably would have given a Christmas tip to the lady who hands them out at Blackrock. All the others I feel like I have to avoid eye contact with to avoid having a paper shoved in face (I don’t read it), with her we were always able to exchange a friendly ‘good morning’ without her being pushy. I’ll miss her.

  5. YourNan

    the merge with the herald dumbed it down to sub-monkey level, but pretty atrocious to start off with. Good riddance, too bad about the staff.

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