Not The Spirit Of Christmas



Rufus T. Firefly writes:

Some punter in Brew Dock got all judgey on my 31-week pregnant friend who was enjoying a rare (and solitary I might add) alcohol-free drink with colleagues after work this evening. The woman handed her this missive, crudely inscribed on the back of a beer mat. Good thing the woman left immediately after, else a rumble would’ve surely ensued. The noive!!!

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59 thoughts on “Not The Spirit Of Christmas

  1. Miss Carroll

    20% alcohol beer? Sounds Chrstmassy!

    This reads like a total nutter wrote it. Shit this happened to your friend.

    I’ll be on the look out for this nutter. Even being pregnant, I do enjoy a night out and a few non-alcoholic beers. Perhaps our paths will cross.

  2. Sheikh Yabooti

    Probly one of the types who drifts by and knowingly strokes a stranger’s baby bump in a supermarket aisle. Whereupon, (as a much put upon friend of mine did), the following response may be elicited: “I’m expecting, not a fücking carpet sample!”

    1. Rufus T Firefly

      Firstly, I don’t require validation. I’m not the one who had to suffer this affront.

      Secondly, you will note the difference between an alcohol-free drink and a non-alcoholic drink.

      Thirdly, a glass of fruit/orange juice contains >0% alcohol. Is this another thing you would like to forbid pregnant women?

      Lastly, I know the personal sacrifices that most women, including my friend, gladly make for the health of their unborn child, and to have that questioned by some coward in a bar is hurtful. I posted this because my friend wasn’t given the opportunity to defend herself to this woman, and I’m disgusted that she was made to feel like she had to in the first place.

      I wonder if the same woman feels compelled to hand out napkins with condescending messages to pregnant women enjoying a sandwich, to accuse them of bad parenting and warn
      them of the dangers of listeria without bothering to find out what’s on the sambo?

      1. funman

        And a post of a badly parked, expensive car gets everyone in a lather. Same nutters, different target.

  3. delacaravanio

    Most alcohol free beer is about 0.5 percent. You can get totally alcohol free beer, but apparently it’s not popular as it tastes mank.

  4. Don Pidgeoni

    Yeah, women anyway know that alcohol can harm a foetus. Busybody should have kept her nose out of it

  5. Lancashirelass

    The very fact this woman took the judgemental high ground, feeling the need to validate her judgement by referring to her choice in employment whilst assuming the worst of stranger having an INNOCENT non alcoholic drink is what makes this flabbergasting action worthy of posting. She implies the need to educate this pregnant woman on the dangers of drinking assuming this woman is ignorant to the facts whilst the whole time being completely ignorant and righteous herself ! The hypocrisy is quite shocking ! The fact she failed to stay to give the woman an opportunity to respond speaks volumes !!

      1. mauriac

        that refers to resveratrol supplements which are the equivalent of litres of red wine,which would be unhealthy! other studies have shown a link between small dose alcohol consumption and better development outcomes.

  6. Soundings

    As you’re deleting any risque comments on the subject, to be clear, I think the woman who wrote the message acted with good intentions, she appears to have concluded that the drink being consumed by the pregnant woman was low alcohol (20% of 5% is what I think she meant) and wanted to highlight the risks to the pregnant woman. If she really is working with special needs kids, she’s probably not a complete monster! More power to her elbow. And as for the pregnant woman, get over it, if it was alcohol free, then the “busybody” made a mistake, if it wasn’t “tsk, tsk, you know or should know the risk”.

    1. Caroline

      Yeah no one working with vulnerable people could be bad! She’s obviously distressed and angry by her work with these children and it has made her overreact. Working in a brewery as well probably doesn’t help her hair-trigger reaction, perhaps it’s time to give up one of the jobs.

    2. Jane

      I don’t think it’s possible to speculate that her intentions were good at all. Not only was she interfering in something that is literally none of her business, an occasional drink whole pregnant is not shown to have any risk.

      Women are not public property, even when pregnant. You’d think that’d be clear this week at least.

      1. Soundings

        Women may not be public property but, under the law as it stands today, unborn foetuses most certainly are. Even private pets are, and if you’re mistreating them, they can be removed from you and you can be punished. And in a proper society, its members will display displeasure towards those mistreating pets and foetuses. I think the non-alco preggie is overreacting.

        1. Jane

          A drink isn’t mistreating a foetus. There is no medical reason for a pregnant woman to abstain from alcohol completely. There is also no justification for writing ridiculous notes to other adults demanding they modify their behavior to suit your prejudices.

          1. Soundings

            “No medical reason for pregnant women to abstain from alcohol completely”?

            I think that’s wrong because of advice from the likes of the UK Chief Medical Officer

            “The UK Chief Medical Officers’ advice to women is:
            “Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should avoid alcohol altogether. However, if they do choose to drink, to minimise the risk to the baby, we recommend they should not drink more than one or two units once or twice a week and should not get drunk.””

          2. Caroline

            dear soundings I work in a office and also with several idiots and I have seen first hand the affect writing stupid on the internet’s has on them. Severe brain loss and up 1000% droolings increase. Even mild trolling can cause life long damage. LOok AFTER your brain #chivetalking

  7. 478nist

    What a nosey busybody! So judgmental and ignorant. Even if it was an alcoholic drink (which many pregnant women have small amounts of after discussing it with their doctor) it is still none of her business. The cheek of some people, must be hard walking around being so perfect all the time.

  8. Lancashirelass

    It is deemed an over reaction for a pregnant woman to take offence to a personal insult? Whilst also condemning her for publicly being seen to drink a non offensive drink? It is also acceptable because the unborn child she is carrying is public property and guarded under the same laws of a animal ?? Let’s not complicate this philosophy by making reference to the rights of a person to remain innocent until proven guilty. It’s much more respectable to give the power to the “self righteous, judgmental, do gooding crusader” after all isn’t that the whole point of choosing a caring career? In order to give you instant moral high ground? Even if your actions are completely missed placed? No one should question their insulting behaviour – a pregnant woman in a pub is carrying public property and therefore open to judgement from all!!!
    To back up ones argument with references of te dangers of drinking alcohol when pregnant is a flashing sign you are missing the whole point ! Hasn’t it been made crystal clear this lady wasn’t drinking alcohol? Couldn’t those concerns have been displayed in a more fitting situation?
    A short walk around the block would have surely provided prime examples of drunken(or high) parents with their children in tow! I find some peoples reaponse to this rather shocking and really quite ignorant !

  9. pissedasanewt

    So instead of coming over to your friend and going, “excuse me, i notice your pregnant, would you like my seat and have a Merry Christmas…” no.. it was I shall judge you. Bet the nutter is a right laugh on a night out.. was she on her own my any chance? Just wanders around pubs and restaurants judging people.

    She also works at a brewery, does she have no moral conscience. All those people who have drinking problems, consuming the alcohol where she is a link in the chain of alcohol addiction.. blah blah blah blah..

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