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  1. Artemis

    Ha. Nice one.

    12 pubs is manageable if it’s one drink in each pub, but it’s never one.
    One leads to two, and two leads to three, and three leads to.. baldy fat f*ckers reasonably handsomer with each slurp.

    In all seriousness though, drink, tis a curse. I am just not able anymore. ‘Till Christmas eve at least.

  2. One Dub

    I love this kinda thread…

    You have the barmen on one side….afraid to say anything.
    You have the participants, the wan*ers without any defence…too uninterested to be bothered to say anything.

    And then you have the people who wont shut up.
    Welcome to Broadsheet.

        1. One Dub

          Hey, sorry Derek.
          I misunderstood your comment.

          You have to admit that taken alone it’s quite a confusing thing to read.
          I thought you were accusing me of hoarding alcoholics, ie:
          ”And you have the slurring alcoholics that everyone avoids.”

          I have nobody related to you in my custody. Not this Christmas, not any Christmas.

          You’re on yer own pal.

          Merry Christmas.

  3. One Dub

    G’wan ou’ o’ dat.
    You have no sense of humour, have you?

    I think you misunderstood me too.

    This is a trivial topic, something to be expected annually.

    My point is…the only people who have time to comment on it are the miserable sh*its who aren’t participating.

    It’s just a lot of wind.

    1. One Dub

      And hey, let me say…
      I never have nor ever will participate in any of this 12-bars nonsense.
      -I recommend that none of you do either.

      I mean FFS, you’re just being a pcrik to attempt it.
      -You’ll still be a pcrik if you succeed, and you’ll feel like a prick when you fail.
      You can’t do it. You know you can’t.

      -Stay at home, save your money and your dignity.

      1. Derek

        “save your money and your dignity”
        And make a gobshite of yourself online instead.

        “My point is…the only people who have time to comment on it are the miserable sh*its who aren’t participating”

        I suppose you’re posting on your smart phone from the pub? It doesn’t look like it, going from the length of your comments.
        I had enough ‘participation’ last night myself.

        I did notice you and that other idiot were posting the same inane comments on a thread about abortion recently too. You might think others have no sense of humour and you’re hilarious. You’re not.

        And saying that you have no respect for Broadsheet, that you only post when drunk, doesn’t absolve you of the nonsense, in any way. It just makes you a tad more pathetic than your average drunk.

        1. One Dub

          You’ve lost me now.
          I’m male. I’ve never expressed a view on abortion in my life and I never will.
          Not here, not anywhere.
          It’s none of my business.
          You’re confusing me with someone else.

          Whoever you are, I have no argument with you.
          I’m just saying that the ‘Broadsheet’ crew tend to get very opinionated just for the sake of being heard, and in my opinion this thread is a classic example.
          ‘The 12 Pubs of Christmas’ ,

          Gimme a break, please.

          It’s ‘Call Joe’ for the people too shy to call Joe.

          1. Derek

            ‘Should a child be born’. It’s probably vaguely rings a bell now.

            You only comment with the idiots when drunk, so you’re not really an idiot, but a drunk one. Is that it?

            Good night. Merry Christmas to you. Merry all year round in returns.

          2. Derek

            That’s ok, thank you. I drink with friends, socially. I’m an idiot like that.

            Enjoy your ramblings, lonely addicts.

        2. Derek

          Come again mate?
          You clearly don’t know when to use hyphens.
          You’re not only not clever, you’re not at all funny either.
          But if you consider that druggie idiot clever, it doesn’t say much for you.
          Save us from your inane rubbish please. Go on, it’s Christmas.

    1. Derek

      That’s your liver talking OneDub.

      You and that other idiot are the two biggest ones around.
      Not the people out celebrating Christmas.

      Get a (chat) room.

    1. One Dub

      Incredible lack of punctuation.
      Total lack of coherence.

      Welcome to Broadsheet.

      Yap, yap yap, yap diddely yap yap:
      Look at me.

      Look at me, ME, ME.
      -Keep looking at me.

      Yes, I want to kill everybody.

      1. Derek

        “Look at me, ME, ME.
        -Keep looking at me”

        If third-person narration, you should use italics to indicate others’ thoughts.
        Again, no hyphen required.

        Granted, it might be probable you’re writing in first person.

        You’re not very clever mate. Not by a long shot.
        It doesn’t matter how special you try to make yourself.
        You’re the worst kind of idiot. One with a dictionary.

  4. LiamZero

    Interestingly, the graph also works for plotting how this thread panned out, with ‘progression of time’ as the X axis and ‘level of sense’ as the Y axis.

  5. Milk Teeth

    Wtf happened here? And at what time in the morning? Are Derek and One Dub the same person? And if so do they know or is it a fight club situation?

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