14 thoughts on “How To Wrap Your Cat For Christmas

  1. Rois

    If I could have one wish for the internet in 2015 it would be that, like in ‘The Second Coming’, a new beast will rise up, the ‘anti-cat’ if you will.

    2014 had too much cat.

      1. Caroline

        Sloths creep me out so bad. I’m not saying “kill them all” but I would definitely stand idly by if that were to happen.

          1. Niallo

            They have the facial expression of the archetypal homicidal psychopath, a sort of hanibal lecter crossed with paddington bear.
            Still, i’d prefer one over a capricious feline any day.

    1. Niallo

      The one who was throwing cats at me certainly was.
      Badum tish.
      I’m on fire this morning ! What do i win ?

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