In case you miso-ed this.

Lovin’ Dublin‘s review (top) and the response (above).

The end of snarky but often spot-on online reviews?


Court tells Lovin’ Dublin to remove bad restaurant review from website (

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56 thoughts on “Wasabigate

  1. DD

    Haribo isn’t a likeable guy but surely there can’t be legal action over a bad review? Plus, the sushi did look fairly shitty.

    1. Drogg

      But it’s not a review its a hatchet job but the law suit was about unverified claims harbo made in his review that were allegedly defamatory.

  2. Hank

    I regularly get lunch in the South William St branch of Kokoro.
    Delicious food, good value and the staff are friendly.
    I think it’s €7.20 for miso soup and a main course.
    And they give free green tea..

  3. Revive

    They are my least favorite sushi of any in Dublin but.. I wouldn’t call them “super shitty”. It’s still pretty good! Also “super shitty” is not the most eloquent food reviewing I’ve ever heard.

  4. JunkFace

    Sushi is overpriced by a lot in Ireland. Also its not very fresh in all of the supermarket packs that I’ve had.

    Why is it so expensive here?

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Actually, in NZ the sushi from supermarkets is as good as what you get in a sushi place in Ireland and about half the price.

  5. only when

    Just bumped into Paul O’Grady at Kings Cross, told him I was more of a cat person…got straight bitchslapped

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            On a phone, no I can’t. But at least I’m not a person offers absolutely nothing but moaning and spite so that makes me happy

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            Yeah, it does if you have the mobile site which doesn’t give you that option Banotti/Jock. Doesn’t matter as the site is gone. As I wish you were.

  6. Christopher

    Take lovin Dublin and their crass language to the cleaners- I’ll eat at Kokoro every day for a month!!

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    A review from a punter, as opposed to a qualified restaurant critic is merely an opinion. A customer can have a bad experience on the day – and write up a bad comment which can affect business drastically – which is why qualified food critics tend to balanced and professional with their criticism and highlight the good and the bad. Calling something ‘sh*tty’ certainly exposes an unqualified critic so you would wonder why a food site with a large following such as Harbo’s can get away with just one reviewer’s opinion. Anyone who recalls the light-hearted PubSpy series in the Sunday World rag will recall that Mr. Pub Spy brought a companion for their feedback also.

    Interestingly, the Hoops have a list of sushi places on Foursquare where comments from customers are aggregated, and Kokoro receives a mixed faring on that;
    It’s fine for the fast-food style of sushi and it has no pretences or ambitions to be more than that.

  8. Freia

    Spot on reviews!? Are you nuts!? Harbo doesn’t know his arse from his elbow when it comes to food and restaurants. Remeber he raved about Zaragoza when it opened and EVERYONE else in the city, including reviewers who’d been revieweing for decades, thought it was absolute shite? I do. I remember that.

  9. bisted

    …we don’t have any restaurant reviewers with credibility in this country like Andy Hayler, Jay Rayner,
    Elizabeth Auerbach, etc….the difference is….. they pay their own bills and write wonderfully.

  10. Mag

    The problem wasn’t that Harbison gave a bad review but that he made some allegedly defamatory statements about the food being made days in advance. He said he knew it was because of the “way it was stored” and not because he had actually eaten it. He also claimed that the use of smoked salmon indicated that it was prepared well in advance as as it gave a longer shelf life than fresh salmon.

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