Closing The Gap


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Meanwhile, last week, RTÉ reported:

“In a review of risks to the Irish economy, the Central Bank noted that house price growth in Dublin is now higher than that recorded at the peak of the property bubble in 2006. House price growth in Dublin has been above 23% since June. This is higher than the previous peak in house price growth of 22.5% – recorded in August 2006 – at the height of the housing bubble. The Central Bank said that the identification and removal of barriers to further housing construction – either financial or planning – is urgently needed to increase the supply of housing in the market.”

Central Bank concerned at rapid rise in house prices (RTE, December 17, 2014)

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

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7 thoughts on “Closing The Gap

  1. scottser

    so is central bank guy going to lend us money to buy these overpriced gaffs?
    nah, didn’t think so.

  2. jockey

    “….. Ireland still not recovered from recession – overall house prices down 37.9% from 2007 madness”.

    Do we need to reach 2007’s crazy house prices before we can deem ourselves recovered?

    You are not recovered from shooting yourself in the foot until you shoot yourself in the foot again.

    1. Adama

      Exactly! Why is the crazy credit-driven peak of 2007 something to aspire to? It pretty much ruined the banks, lives and the economy. Seriously fupped off at the constant poking of that wasps nest by the media. The obsession with house prices has done nothing for this country except drive people to desperation while the government gleefully looks on. All we seem to be able to do is sell overpriced houses to each other…

  3. stephen

    Lisa Carrol what a twit. Recovery is not back to ridiculous 2007 prices. Feckin media outlets purporting this nonsense because of vested interests within them that want property prices to go back to silly land

  4. EhudRabat

    Why do people think they have a divine right to own a house? If they can’t afford a 20% deposit, how will they afford to pay off 80% (plus interest)? Or they could buy a house they can afford – there are houses in Cherry Orchard for sale for 125k. If they don’t want to live there and can’t afford to live in Malahide/Ranelagh etc, tough. Easier to whinge I suppose. Or call Kitty Holland.

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