Ever Bowled In A Maxi Skirt?



Try it sometime.

Judith Goldberger writes:

From the Irish Times over the weekend (Dec 27). It [clerical error] is  still up there…

Sporting soutane UPDATE:

Bishop Road Bowling

Hello you.

Robinaldo writes:

The Bishop must have forgotten this (above) From a A Day In The Life Of Ireland (US Edition), P184  – Bishop John Buckley….


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26 thoughts on “Ever Bowled In A Maxi Skirt?

  1. Soundings

    hah, klasse!

    So, the Irish Times buckled and stated the Bishop never bowled in bishoprick (yes, that’s a correct alternative spelling) garb, yet photographic evidence shows the IT to be wrong.

    Maybe the IT should print another correction and apology….to its rapidly diminishing (-5% in the year to June 2014) band of readers.

    1. Parochial Central

      Mental reservation now applies to sport.

      The only part of the picture that looks PhotoShopped is the wig. Must be a hairpin bend he’s bowling around.

  2. Wayne Carr

    That’s actually traditional “throwing of a stone around a bendy road” championship garb, which is in no way religious. Classic liberal, agenda pushing, anti-God, secularist, broadsheet.ie bs.

  3. ABM

    Even though bishops are duty bound, they’re still human beings.

    Looks like a great day and I’m sure the boys of St Finbarr’s College (where he taught for many years) practised their road bowling skills twice as hard from the sight of the inspirational bishop in his garb.

    1. NICE anne (dammit)

      Yeah, I an sure the sight of many a bishop with many a big ball cradled in his hand inspires many a young boy.

  4. Parochial Central

    Is that Sinead O’Connor or Elvis Costello?

    I think the Irish Times needs to correct the correction. Don’t expect much action on that.

  5. Bernie Linnane

    I wonder if the bishop wears a divided skirt, like the ones the nuns prescribed for us convent girls during sports in days gone by?

  6. ABM

    That photo epitomises the greatness of the man – a patriot, a scholar, a brilliant teacher, a gifted administrator, a leader, a loving man and a role model adherent to the Gospel. I never saw this photo before today, but I feel inspired and humbled by him all these years later. An all round great guy whose work will resonate on this earth forever.

  7. Owen

    Did I miss something? Who cares?! Seriously, who took the time to prove this point(less)? It’s not proving he is a liar, more that he …. – oh wait, who really cares?

    1. delacaravanio

      I think it’s more that the Irish Times doesn’t do fact checking than any particular concern over what the bowling priest wears.

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