21 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Surely They Wouldn't Lie To Us

    Imagine if the roles were reversed and the grooms sister “surprised” him in the same way.
    The bride would have a mickey fit

  2. Draxx Ltd II

    I’m not usually one for pointless moaning but these vids of surprise visits are so self serving and narcissistic. I wonder if it’s all just done for the sake of the video and the all the congratulations afterwards.

    I’m not just being negative but another example is a video I saw on YouTube where a guy gave his gf surprise tickets for a trip around Europe. She looked thrilled but he didn’t put the camera down the whole time. Not even when she tried to hug him. Makes you wonder.

    1. Surely They Wouldn't Lie To Us

      This wedding one up man ship is cringeworthy.
      Exactly the reason why I hate people in general but mostly attention seeking women.

      1. weezer

        You hate people in general but mostly the womenz, eh? (Was it not the brother getting the attention in this case?) You seem fun.

  3. Smellyer

    Everyone in the picture looks to be having a good time. How about everyone stops spending new years eve talking about whether or not smiling people deserve to feel happy.

    You guys are all crazy.

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