20 thoughts on “Bereft Sausage Roll Fury

  1. D

    Ah here, jam it down your mosher . It’s a sausage roll from Centra, not some haute cuisine malarkey. I’d say it would’ve tastes the exact same as the other two you got! Hoofs and senew is all they are anyway. Woof.

  2. Frilly Keane

    This could be a thing
    Like the new thing

    Sausage Rolls That Look Like Stop That We Don’t Normally Do Ah Here

  3. Mani

    Some poor spar employee will be reduced to utilising the age old popcorn trick at the cinema tonight after this unfortunate mix up.

  4. chompletone

    How do you get it to float like that? Also you seem to have sausage fingers? Just pop one of those in there.

  5. Anne

    No sausage fillin’… always a let down.
    At least you can put in a complaint with this type of sausage scenario. hehehehe

  6. James

    Well, looks like you had a nice appetiser of finger nails prior to eating what they pass off as food in Spar…

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