12 thoughts on “Ocht Of The Irish

  1. Ger Nalist

    Quite simply one of the most inaccurate newspapers in the world when it comes to Irish affairs.

    1. Roisin

      In fairness at least they occasionally cover stuff that happens here, unlike most British newspapers. And their coverage is not horrendous.

      The Guardian is absolutely notorious for spelling mistakes etc. Hence the old Private Eye nickname of the Graunaid.

  2. sancho

    Well, Broadsheet is sure showing them- ignoramuses! This typo/error totally undermines any criticism that they might have heaped on the Irish abortion regime. Sure, with this error it’s like Irish doctors never tried to force a family to keep their dead mother/wife alive for around 20 weeks in order to deliver a most likely dead foetus or, if lucky, a severely mentally and physically disable child. Glad they and BS cleared that up.

    Ireland 1: Guardian 0

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