A Terrible Rebooty Is Born



Less taxes.

Less spending.

privatise everything.

Let’s get this party started already.

[Lucinda]Creighton this afternoon said the party would not be adopting any particular stance on the forthcoming referendum on same-sex marriage, but said she would probably vote in favour.
The party is being founded under four principles including building an economy for entrepreneurs and giving politics back to the people.
Ms Creighton said: “We want to reboot Ireland and we want those who are as passionate about this country as we are to join us on this mission”.
She said that planning for the party had been under way since April 2014.
Over 100 people have been working in a voluntary capacity in areas such as policy, research, IT, communications and party structure.
Ms Creighton will be hosting public meetings throughout the country before the party’s launch to seek contributions to policy formation and to recruit people to get involved.

Creighton to launch new party in spring (RTÉ)

Third pic from left: John Leahy, Lucinda Creighton and Eddie Hobbs launching a “new political force in Ireland” this morning. Less taxes apparently. More as we get it. FIGHT! Reboot Ireland

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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69 thoughts on “A Terrible Rebooty Is Born

  1. Drogg

    Hold on a second while I piss all over this idea. Anyone who uses Eddie Hobbes as a financial consultant is a f**king moron who should have responsibility for nothing.

  2. Mani

    We believe the sky is the limit but recognise that we must inform god of this before encroaching on his kingdom.

  3. Frilly Keane

    As if Hobbs is going to share photo op soundbite studio slots with Eucinda…..

    That organisational structure must be impressive alright Eddie.

    Dog Eat Dog.
    Simple. But Impressive.

  4. Joe the Lion

    I am actually delighted about this – seeing these pair of febrile jobsworths plotting to preach to all. Yay!

    I predict it will be like a sort of X Factor thing – in the news for a few days then never heard of again.

    Unless of course it’s being backed by shadowy fundamentalists with bags of cash, in which case, groan.

  5. Medium Sized C

    I look at this and I look at the first pic in the sh*t right wingers say post above and I do a giggle.

  6. Spare

    Eddie Hobbs is another one these: The answer is obvious, dopes that seem to proliferate the island (along with Ivan Yates, Ray Darcy, etc) The only good thing he ever did was making middle Ireland suspicious of business with Rip of Republic.

    Also, once the smell of incenses starts wafting off this lot and they start talking about tummys they’re done for.

  7. Mike Dublin

    Anybody with Fidelma Really Shames as a member can frap off.
    Do you not know who I am. No train tickets or car tax for me thank you very much.
    The unelected milking the system for all it’s worth.

    1. Delacaravanio

      And who could forget her argument with a builder aege was refusing to pay due to her self appointed status of Boss Hogg of central Galway.

  8. Joe the Lion

    The cat-call of the twitterati?

    You must have stayed up all night for that one.

    What the likes of Lucinda and yourself secretly crave is some big tom/alley tomcat getting feline on your fanny

  9. Bacchus

    Lucinda knows what to say, how to say it and what not to say – she is blessed with an intelligence and political nous

    History would prove this is untrue on every count. This is to politics as UTV Ireland is to Irish television. Lowest common denominator soundbites and rosary beads in the pocket.

    1. Bacchus

      “Lucinda isn’t as easy a target as some other personalities ”

      Oh she is… or if you prefer, Oh God she is. She’s an inarticulate moron who has no political future here.

    2. Joe the Lion

      It’s quite true that re: say, EU affairs, in her previous portfolio, Lucinda appeared lucid.

      Unfortunately for you folks in relation to the above, while in government as a minister and with a paid retinue of speechwriters and indentured slaves doing all the actual work, it takes effort to appear unbriefed and inarticulate though Enda shows it can be pulled off at times.

      Outside of the mechanism and trappings of power and without the retinue of artificial paid for ‘intelligence’, Lucy, Ed et al will be recast as the washed up, unloved irelevant mediocrities they truly are. You folks and your reactionary cant are dead in the water and I, for one, shall be among the first to dance a hearty jig on your festering remains.

  10. geebag

    They don’t even seem to have a name let alone any real policies. They seem to have gone for a hashtag instead of an name which probably gives a good indication of their lifespan.

    If people think Lucinda is different because she doesn’t look like most politicians they are fool.s

  11. Niallo

    Bullpoo, your just interested in bigging up the catholic church for the sake of itself, your sentiment has nothin to do with christianity or the teachings of jc.
    You are the only foaming at the mouth radical i see on this site.
    take a holiday in syria, go evangelise there and see what happens to you.
    Dont bother replying, i havent much interest hearing what you have to say anyway.
    Now, to the matter at hand, if its a choice between the shinners rinsing and repeating the same tired crap ff and fg have been peddling since time imemorial then i for one would be happy to support them(anyone)
    Financially we are in a state of war, we need a wartime administration and a “marshall plan” and we need one fast, i didnt “party” yet i’m paying for it.
    I’m tired of this sh1t.

    1. funman

      “You are the only foaming at the mouth radical i see on this site”
      You dont come here often, then?

  12. Owen

    I was hopful when I heard about this, sadly, its a bits a bit of a joke.

    1. They have ideas, not a plan to implement them;
    2. It seems they have just piggy backed on issues people want, and nothing more (avaoding water. obv). – giving politics back to the people, entrepreneurs (realy?) and lower taxes’. and ‘probably’ yes to same sex.
    3. I suspect they hope this is as a fast route to a higher table for them

    1. Niallo

      Well, i think if a party or group is elected to carry through their mandate, and if they do carry out that mandate and get us back on the rails, then they should be rewarded, and how.
      However, if they dont… String em up by their bootheels, publicly stone them to death, bury them head first in bullpoo or some other nasty, nasty fate as a warning to the others.
      Same goes for our current crop of liars…

      1. Owen

        Indeed, success should be rewarded, but don’t get me started on the number of heads that need to be put in bullpoo Niallo. We’d need an implementation plan inplace to import more bulls first.

        1. Odis

          No problem, but can we go with thick slurry instead of Bullpoo?

          What it lacks in symbolism, it more than makes up for, in economy.

  13. Soundings

    Call it what you like but it’s really the “Keep Abortion out of Ireland” party.

    Pathetic display this morning, but it’s the Winter silly season, so a TD, a local councillor and an economics/finance Z-lister celebrity and their musings will get a geadline.

  14. Gerry Johns

    The outrage on here, The Journal, Rabble and Twitter is hilarious. A lot of it stems from bitter, chin-stroking left wing misfits who think they’re intellectually superior to “the herd”. The four corners of the I’m So Angry brigade will be dwarfed by middle Ireland when it comes to voting.

    Eddie Hobbs was a mistake though. He is an asshole.

  15. mthead

    the fact that ABM is supporting this party says it all really. ha. thanks ABM, keep posting, I suspect you are a hoax of some kind, either way, keep posting, you are gas,

  16. Mad Tiger

    The only thing this ‘party’ will ever achieve is to steal votes from FF/FG. (Labour are dead.)

    Sinn Féin in government…it’s gonna happen…I’m tellin’ yiz!
    -And it won’t be funny.

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