34 thoughts on “Pre-Loved

    1. McKay

      The Adult Bargain Bin caught my eye-50% off maybe? Or BOGOF? Which in this context could mean anything..

    1. Sam

      Well, if you read pre-loved DUDs as being the category heading…. the condoms listed underneath it would be a grim purchase!

      1. Drogg

        I did too, it’s just bad word placement due to years of drug abuse. It should be a new anti drug campaign just say no kids or your grammar, spelling and alliteration will go to s**t.

    1. Odis

      I never understood the poppers and sex thing.
      “Yeah, yeah – hang on a mo, I’ll just get the bottle of poppers”.

      I did ask and someone told me it was a gay thing.

        1. MyloD

          Hey Clampers, as you appear well informed, can you tell me whether I snort it or apply directly to the sphincter?! Cos like, it still hurts…

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