Judgement Of The Day


Killarney District Court, Killarney, Co Kerry

Viliam Simonic with an address at Pinewood Estate, Killarney was before Killarney District Court in connection with a number of breaches of bail conditions.
The 28 year-old father of four children and one fostered child had breached the conditions several times, the court heard.
Judge James O’Connor said that Mr Simonic was no saint and had been arrogant and aggressive.
He said too many people and non-nationals in particular were regularly flouting bail conditions and treating the bail system here like confetti.

There you go now.

Judge says many non-nationals treating bail system here like confetti (Radio Kerry)

Thanks Jerry O’Sullivan

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28 thoughts on “Judgement Of The Day

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    That is the crazy judge, isn’t it? The guy who represented himself in a drink-driving case or something?

    1. RealCorkLanger

      I think it was a case of not having motor tax came before his court and he had to adjourn the case because obviously he cant adjudicate on a case about himself. In fairness,he didnt really do anything wrong there, its just the way the case is processed in the district,as I understand it anyway(open to correction)

        1. RealCorkLanger

          It is still funny in fairness! I do remember an article I read where he kept adjourning the case of an elderly man from a rural area charged with drink driving, so that the man was never convicted and could keep driving, cant find the article now though

  2. Paolo

    Can he substantiated his statement. If he can then there is nothing wrong with it. If he can’t then he should keep his mouth shut.

    1. Mani

      That;’s not an outrageometer. There’s no such thing. Those are nipple clamps and you’ve been back to that club again. After promising the wife you’d stop. As she lined the kids up in front of you and made you choose between being a father and a husband or being the gimp they eat sushi off of in a Dublin S and M club. Even when you swore to her that that life was over…you could feel the bitter sting of a lie on your tongue.

  3. AliG

    I wonder is he right? Are non nationals proportionately more likely to flout the bail laws? It would be very surprising if that were not the case in every country as people with less ties to an area are more likely to skip bail.

  4. The Citizen

    Man with first hand experience of subject makes statement on subject and those that have never granted bail to anyone get outraged shock.

    Honestly, judges see a lot, are qualified, professionally scrutinized, and unless they are in the supreme court are open to having all their work rechecked. Should their view not be counted as a qualified one worthy of more than kneejerk outrage?

      1. Kieran NYC

        And of course any independent body to oversee them would be the end of the world, yada yada yada.

        Any profession that claims it MUST be self-regulating is one I’d send investigators to go over with a tooth-comb ASAP.

  5. toncla

    The part I find highly amusing in this case is that he has flouted is Bail conditions in the past and what do we do – we give him bail again. Reminds me of Pavlov’s dog . Our justice (sic) system is a Joke.

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