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Fluffy Biscuits writes:

Can you ask readers, moving into a new place from my current place soon, flat hunting at the moment. What sort of questions should we ask about a place and what are the signs of a bad place or area? Being living in my current place five years! Also are landlords funny about say eg renting a three bedroom place to two couples? Rents are spiralling out of control at the moment so four of us looking for a place to keep costs down…


(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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  1. Nessy

    What type of heating is it? (night storage or gas)
    What type of system heats the water? (gas or emersion or electric shower)
    Refuse facilities (in the place do you pay per bag, pay for a refuse bin or if it’s an apartment does it have communal refuse collection).
    Is it piped for tv or Internet ? (upc/sky/eircom)
    All the above will give an indication of what type of bills you’ll get/how much they’ll be etc
    What are the local amenities like (cafes, shops or pubs etc)
    What are the neighbours like/Are there young couples or kids? (good to know for weekends, days off or summer holidays. Not everyone is appreciative of screaming kids playing outside at early o clock)

    Best of luck!

    1. Ms Piggy

      Also check public transport routes too – not just how close bus/train/luas stops are, but (for buses especially) where do those routes take you? If they drop you somewhere that leaves a 20min hike to get to the places in the city you work/shop/socialise, that will get really annoying, especially on wet days!

      Local shops – how close and how much do they sell? The convenience of being able to run out to get milk etc in 5mins instead of having to drive to do any food shopping is huge.

  2. Formerly known as

    If the post code is odd – bad area.
    If the post code is even, there is some hope that it is not a bad area.

    Good luck.

    1. Rose

      Grrr. So just write off the D3s of Marino and Clontarf, the D9s of Drumcondra and Glasnevin etc etc etc……if you’re that narrow minded and set in your ways stay on the southside

      1. Medium Sized C

        Poster 1: “don’t live on the northside”
        Poster 2: “stay on the southside then”

        *reflects on the void*

  3. Jess

    Why did the last tenants move out?

    this one is really important. It’ll let you know if theres any horrendous problems with the place

  4. Nikkeboentje

    As it is a landlord’s market at the moment, you should be doing everything to ensure that the landlord chooses you as the preferred tenant. I am a forced landlord (left Ireland for work over four years ago and rented out my house). These are the things that would make me choose one potential tenant versus another:
    1. Information on where the person works – letter of reference and contact number from their employer.
    2. Letter of reference and contact number from their previous landlord.
    3. Copy of passport/identity card
    4. I definitely would prefer two couples rather than a bunch of single people (especially lads or students).
    5. Someone willing to sign a 12 month tenancy agreement.

    I know that some of the above are not very PC, but as I said, it is a landlord’s market at the moment and whenever the tenancy agreement has come up from renewal, I have had a lot of interest and was lucky enough to be able to be picky.

  5. Mani

    1. Are the bedroom walls easily wipeable?
    2. Is the jacks haunted? Because it will be soon
    3a. Is the neighbourhood ferret-friendly?
    3b. If he isn’t, do I have permission to bring a mongoose into the apartment?
    4. Are there any of, you know, ‘them’ living in the area?

  6. markgdub

    Will I ever grow out of crowd sourcing opinions from the internet?

    Are you going to pillage my pay packet on the premise that there are loads of others willing to pay that crazy rent?

    Should we just quite the pretense and agree that you are never giving me back my deposit?

  7. Elizabeth


    “It will be a legal requirement for the following to have a BER cert:

    Houses being rented or sold on or after January 1st 2009
    Apartments being rented or sold on or after January 1st 2009
    There are exemptions for certain categories of buildings, e.g. protected structures and certain temporary buildings”

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