‘I Will Have My Legacy’


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The trailer for the third and final instalment of Charlie – entitled Fall – on RTÉ One at Sunday at 9.30pm.

Previously: Spinning Taps



Jack Jones writes:

Charles Haughey Budget response 1986…Ray Burke @ 5.19…[FF plant] Beverly Cooper Flynn as ’emigrating student’ @ 5.03…

Great times.

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64 thoughts on “‘I Will Have My Legacy’

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Have to say I am enjoying this. Last week with Mitterrand and his bird was hilarious. Terry Keane is also hilarious.

    1. rory

      Gillen is a great actor, but I think he was miscast as Haughey.

      I have no idea who could play Haughey though.

      1. rory

        Sorry Mr Hoop, didn’t mean to post that as a reply. (I enjoyed 2nd episode too.)

        BTW Gillen is in the next series of True Detective.

          1. rory

            Not sure what he’s playing. IMDB says he’s playing the same CIA agent he played in The Dark Knight Rises, so… Actually perhaps I should retract my Aidan Gillan/true detective comment. IMDB could be on the fritz or summit.

      2. Soundings

        Ian McKellen in Richard III came close with portraying conniving, ruthless, ambitious, vain characteristics.

        CJH with received pronunciation though? Probably something he aspired to anyway.

        I think Gillen is doing a wonderful job with the script he’s been given, and he deserves a BAFTA (not an IFfeyTA) nod for his performance in the role. Irish directors always encounter stumbling blocks when portraying intimidating characters though, could you name even three from Irish directed dramas?

        1. rory

          Intimidating characters from Irish directed dramas?
          Nidge, Bull McCabe…

          Billy Meehan!

          Martin Cahill (if you count Boorman as Irish)
          Dev from Michael Collins
          That 50 shades fella
          Ireland in The Ballroom of Romance.
          Havn’t seen Poitin but got a feeling theres one or 2 in that.
          Veronica Guerin was shit (and directed by Joel Schumacher and shit) but Gerard McSorley did a good job being intimidating as Gilligan.
          Someone from I Went Down surely. The father in My Left Foot…? I think I should stop now.

    1. isallimsaying

      But he’s rather better in this than all his previous ‘smug grin and ham acting’ performances.

    2. Mr. T.

      No but the Irish goup-think will surround you and swallow you whole.

      It’s a shame to see young Irish behave like their grandparents – colloquially minded and conservative.

  2. Just sayin'

    I’m enjoying the series but feel that leaving out the Arms Crisis was a mistake. Haughey diverted Irish Exchequer funds to but arms and explosives for the IRA while he was Minister for Finance and nearly prevoked the worst crisis since the Civil War State but still he managed to become Taoiseach nine years later. You just couldn’t make that up.

    1. Sam

      You can’t make it up, but you can sure gloss it over, especially if you’re the state broadcaster.
      We can’t have the population losing too much faith in our leaders, can we?

    2. sickofallthisbs

      You mean he tried to avoid a humanitarian crisis by sending arms to defend a population who was being sh*t on by a far more powerful army and police force? That’s how he saw it and I guess such TV wouldn’t sit well in light of the peace process and current political necessity.

    3. Je Suis Frilly Keane

      I’m pretty disgusted CJ’s devotion to Irish Republican matters were ignored too.

      Although I’m am enjoying the show.

      And I think Aiden Gillen’s CJ will be hard bate
      If I ever meet the lad I’d buy him a pint

      1. scottser

        i love this anecdote from gombeen nation:

        I was in a Mayo pub and Charles Haughey was electioneering. He called for free beer for everyone, no spirits. The people drank to their hearts content. I was astounded about his generosity. The landlord said ‘Generosity my backside. A beer lorry was high jacked near Kilkenny six weeks ago and they drop off the beer to certain pubs on his electioneering itinerary’. He was a thief and a liar and people literally cried unashamedly at his funeral. Good old Ireland

    4. Parp

      I’ve only watched the half of the first episode and they’ve already mentioned it at least 4 times.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        ‘Legacy’ he said…. just because the d*ck worked in politics doesn’t mean that’d be part of his legacy.

        Jesus’ earth Dad was a carpenter, but no one remembers his wood turning skills as his legacy, only that he let his wife get preggars by some other fella. Same, same, kinda.

  3. Advertising On Police Cars

    Gillen a class actor, looking forward to seeing him in other roles.
    As you were.

  4. Mr. T.

    Most of you idiots weren’t even born when he was in power yet here you are, giving your opinions.

    As corrupt as he was, he was also proud of Ireland and the Irish. He defended and respected our sovereignty.

    Ireland needs someone like him again instead of the wishy washy fool and billionaire’s puppet Enda Kenny.

    1. Mick Flavin

      I’m no fan of Enda either, but can we not aspire to having a leader whose wearing of the green jersey isn’t combined with a flair for corruption?

    2. scottser

      i was a teenager when he was in power for the last time. him and thatcher are the reason why i’d be left wing. make no bones about it, haughey brought corruption to a new level, and he treated the citizens of ireland with utter contempt while doling out favours to the few.

      and as for the opinions of idiots mr t, the internet is indeed full of @ssholes, and while you may suffer mine please remember i must suffer yours.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      You just reminded me of a deplorable program on RTE radio a few Saturdays past in late December (probably Miriam Meets or one of those) where they were discussing the attributes of great leaders in Ireland…

      I listened and listened and all I could hear was ‘great speaker’, ‘looked good’, ‘he fit the part’, ‘charming’, ‘roguish’, and all this wishy washy good for the cameras and the media nonsense….

      Not once did any of them mention real important attributes like ‘integrity’.
      Because they were ALL devoid of any, just like CJ.

    4. Lilly

      Proud of Ireland you say Mr T, are you taking the piss? He was a sociopathic meglomaniac who was all about himself. The rest was mere posturing.

  5. Advertising On Police Cars

    @MR.T, I lived during Charlie’s reign, he was a class A prick as is anyone who thinks he did any good for this Banana Republic.

  6. Dubloony

    Would it kill us to produce a nice boring set of competent politicians, like the Canadians (except the mad mayor).
    People who get on with the job without the bloody drama.

    This country should be a terrific place but we lurch from self made crises to another.
    The idea that SF is a serious contender sums up the legacy of Haughy and the incompetence and corruption that followed him.

    1. Je Suis Frilly Keane

      Ha. Imagine him flirting the knickers off Sarkozy’s missus while Angela pours the tea.

      He’d a bin’ the one for Merkel alright

    2. Clampers Outside!

      You mean, a bit like China, where they have qualified civil engineers in transport and infrastructure departments. Or their finance departments where they have qualified people in those departments and so on….

      My God man….. are you mad!

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