Meanwhile, On Today FM



Anton Savage

Anton Savage to take over Ray D’Arcy’s mid-morning slot on Today FM (

Look into the eyes.

Not around the eyes.

No, really.

Pic: Today FM

48 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Today FM

  1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Dear God no. If anything he’ll only last a year or so, ratings will plummet and we’ll be rid of him for good.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Not really.
      In my opinion its a terrible thing to admit because of what a rubbish sycophantic plank he is, but each to their own.

  2. Murtles

    Fair play to those putting bets of €300 and €400 in Paddy Powers last week. Obviously they knew something that the ordinary Joe Public didn’t until this morn the pack of insider trading gits. Typical Today FM’ers, rob the milk outta yer tay they would.

    1. Murtles

      Betting on Anton to get the slot of course not on the 3.30 at Wolverhampton which is a different gripe altogether.

  3. ahjayzis

    Can’t stand the smug hoor, but that pic is fierce ridey now altogether.

    Obviously doctored since IRL it’s all tango and pearls.

  4. Newsjustin

    I think Neil Delamare is doing a grand job at the moment. Would prefer his light touch to Anton’s

    1. Kieran NYC

      Alison Curtis did a great job too, I thought.

      I quite like Anton mostly. At least he won’t get too much into the ‘misery porn, moany hole’ spiral that Ray got off on.

  5. f-mong

    His dad is head of the state broadcaster, his mother is the governments spin doctor of choice and he’s just won the plumb job on the radio station owned by the richest man in the country who may or may not have benefitted from a number of decisions made by the government in recent years… *sigh*

  6. lolly

    On a serious point. is he not a director of a Public Relations company that advises clients on how to get onto radio programmes and what to say when they get on there. Surely this is a massive conflict of interest.

    1. Odis

      He’s the one you were listening to on the car radio, that time, just before you slid the CD in. Remember now?

      1. Drogg

        Thankfully i neither listen to today fm or 2Fm as i feel ray has become a moony conservative bore as well.

    1. Jock

      He’s not bad on the radio. He sounds reasonable interesting and intelligent.
      His appointment is miles away from the blatant nepotism of Gerry Ryan’s horror getting a presenting gig at the state broadcaster.

  7. roughpatch

    He’s a top bloke – delivered him a take away once, and tipped €5! No higher praise than that!

  8. JD

    His is relatively dull presenter with a dull mid atlantic PR type voice. It will be interesting to see how he does ratings wise. I can’t see him setting the world on fire and he has a little veneer of smugness which in the absence of an engaging personality doesn’t do him any good.

  9. Hicksonian

    The yawning chasm of Marconi House’s broadcasting earbleeding plumbs new depths of standard issue irrelevance. Novocaine for the ears this one.

    1. Joe Gregory

      Yes X 100000
      Can’t stand him, his ma or his da ( or DOB) so removing Today from my presets.

  10. markgdub

    He was seemingly shit canned out of TV3 on the morning slot.

    Probably because he wouldn’t look at Mark Cagney’s Cork langer.

    He’ll probably get shit canned after 2 JNLR reports.

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