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Michael O’Riordan writes:

Further to your post earlier in the week. i got this shot of the LE Aisling sailing majestically past the Point Nua as she heads out to sea.
One of the reasons I like Aisling and her sister ships LE Deirdre, LE Emer and LE Aoife is they were built here in Ireland, in the Verolme dockyards [Cork]. I am subject to correction, but I think Aisling was the last ship built there before they closed. Soon, she will be the last of her sisters left in service. Fair winds and following seas!

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7 thoughts on “Majestic

  1. Emah

    L.E. EIthne (P31), a helicopter patrol vessel (HPV) was the last naval service ship built in Verolme Cork Dockyard, commissioned into service in 1984 and she is still the flagship of the Naval Service.

    The Aisling was built in VCD, but she was commissioned into service in 1980.

    1. Michael O'Riordan

      Thanks, Emah. And I just had a D’Oh! moment as I read this, as I had known Eithne was the last built here. Ah, well!

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