Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of


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Yesterday’s Sunday Times.

Derek B writes:

It is striking that the Charlie Hebdo shootings was against freedom of speech but those that question aspects of the events of that day, not least the suicide of one of the leading investigators, are ridiculed. I don’t agree with Jim Corr about everything (The Corrs’ cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams remains a sore point) but I would urge people to have a look at some of the eveidence that is coming out about what happened in Paris and examine the official narrative….


Jim Corr (Facebook)

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64 thoughts on “Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      It’s not enough. You need to use a colander. Also, stick pencils up your nose with blu-tack.

  1. JimmytheHead

    Crazy old Jim Corr, founding member of the tinfoil hat brigade and bravest of all the keyboard warriors. If there was any credence to these claims then his mere presence has already removed it.




    How about Get tae f*pp off the PC and go outside for a look at what we mere mortals refer to as “Life”.

  3. rotide

    You have the freedom of speech to be able to espouse these theories.

    Nothing stopping anyone calling you a moron for it though.

  4. Manta Rae

    Seven posts in and Derek B’s point is made…that didn’t take long

    I thought the ubiquitous ‘Nazi’ allegation would have turned up by now ..

    1. rotide

      Derek B didn’t have a point.

      No-one is trying to silence Derek or Jim.

      They just think they are being extremely silly.

  5. Don Pidgeoni

    For he hadn’t gone mad, we could still be having lovely Celtic-inspired lovey-dovey-pop-rock from the Corrs. What could have been *sniff*

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          I went to see them in the Point. I thought the free ticket I got meant free booze as well, but it didn’t. Which made it a VERY long night.

          1. scottser

            i can’t post the youtube clip as i’m at work, but google simon phillips/caroline corr. it’s simon phillips (top session drummer) overdubbing caroline’s drums in an LA studio and the producer turns to caroline and goes ‘sure it’d make you want to give up drumming’. the poor girl looks like she just got handed her @ss on a plate.

          2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

            Remember that show where some guy used to be obsessed with Andrea Corr, but claimed he would have been happy enough with “ugly drummer Corr”.
            I googled it. It was “This Morning with Richard not Judy” and it was Richard Herring.
            All this useless info in my head.

          3. Otis Blue

            In a similar vein, writer/comedian Colm O’Regan when asked to explain the difference between West Cork and Mid Cork (where he’s from) concludes:

            West Cork = Andrea, Caroline & Sharon

            Mid Cork = Jim

          4. Joe the Lion

            Legend has it that Iggy Pop once spat at Andrea Corr sitting in one of the douchebag private boxes at his gig in the Olympia

    1. Jock

      Bodger actually believes this crap but likes to pretend to ‘stir debate’ with these posts. At least Jim is out in the open.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Your use of the phrase “with it” makes me think you might be my mother, but your use of the word “spastic” makes me think you might be one of the hard chaws from my Technical Graphics class in 1997.

      2. Suspendered Animation

        I often wonder whether Jock is Bodger trolling himself. Just a thought.

        Alternatively, history.

  6. Lilly

    Any theories as to why the police investigator might have killed himself as opposed to that he was ‘suicided’?

    1. Bill-uminati

      Yea, in a fit of procrastination I dug a bit into the Helric Fredou suicide.

      Seems there was a cluster of suicides among police in Limoges which goes back to a case of self-immolation a few years back. One of Fredou’s colleagues shot himself with his service pistol last year also. Quite sad really.

      1. Suspendered Animation

        The Daily Mail story I read seemed to imply that he did it because he was single and childless.

        1. Salmon of Nollaig

          Yes, as the Daily Mail is wont to do. But the official line was that he was so upset by the case.

          1. Salmon of Nollaig

            And of course the police suicide cluster. Actually if you do more more digging there was only one policeman who killed himself, not because of a case but because of relationship difficulties. I think the police suicide cluster is spin and is not a convincing reason as to why this officer killed himself.

  7. Owen C

    In this another case of “censorship” being mixed up with “ridicule”? No one is saying that Jim should be censored, just that he’s as mad as a bag of cats.

  8. Neil

    Oddly enough, looking at some of the photo’s in the papers last week, I did think the guys in the balaclavas looked white through the fairly large eyeholes…. I’ll just leave that there.

  9. mauriac

    not much of an elite with 500 million survivors! sounds crazy but I could imagine a nature mad billionaire coming up with a plan to decimate human population via a bio weapon.(a la 12 monkeys).would love to ask the likes of Jim corr what is wrong with the idea of world government. George Monbiot wrote a very good forgotten book about the necessity of a real global parliament unlike the outdated u.n. model.

  10. Kieran NYC

    So Derek B is saying that to support freedom of speech, we have to listen to every insane theory ever, respectfully, and not exercise our freedom of speech to disagr… Oh?

    Right so.

    Silly git is silly, as Zuppy would say.

  11. Salmon of Nollaig

    If a policeman working on a case kills himself, for no apparent reason, it does make one think – could his killing be related to the case? And not in the sense that the papers have put out – that the killing moved him so much that he had to top himself. Not an unreasonable question to ask.

    My view on Jim Corr is that he’s a tool of evil used by the powers that be as a form of black propaganda, if it’s Jim Corr asking the questions no one will bother enquiring further after that spaceship thing…

  12. Shayna

    “I don’t agree with Jim Corr about everything (The Corrs’ cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams remains a sore point) “.
    I struggle to fathom how Derek B rated the re-produced version of ‘Dreams’ as relevant to his support of Jim Corr’s False Flag conspiracy – thus the mocking?
    There are lots of False Flag videos on Youtube claiming all sorts of conspiracies – however, it was revealed today that Francois Hollande’s ratings in the polls had doubled in the week following the shootings. It may be convenient statistics to back a conspiracy theory, but may it also be enough to doubt that there isn’t something dark lurking in the shadows of (any) government? It’s not that long ago that the World was led to believe in WMDs in the Middle East. These were disputed and later, following fatalities and casualties (a war) no evidence was found of their existence?
    George W and his mate Tony (for whose party I voted back in ’97 when I was living in England) conspired against the citizens of the World to convince us to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. This is one, ‘For Instance’, that Derek B and similar thinking types will quote at you all day. In my opinion, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, by any means, but I do think it’s a tad unfair of one of the previous commenters to describe Jim Corr as ‘Bat-sh!t crazy’ We’re all about free speech right – Je suis Charlie -right?

  13. Salmon of Nollaig

    This piece here is worth reading


    It reports the following comments from the policeman’s sister:-

    When I first heard the news, i thought its impossible, somebody must have murdered him but we are not in a film!”

    “He didnt leave a suicide note and he had not removed his police badge!”

    ” He was an extremely calm person, a very circumspect person according to his department”

    “The police took his laptop and his personal mobile phone from us. We were shocked but they told us it was procedure”

    “My mother who was incredibly close to Helric wants answers to her questions: There is a bandage on his forehead, the side of his head has been trepanned but there is nothing on the back of his head.”

    “My brother, himself, had discovered the bodies of two suicides..one in Melun. He had always said to my mother, I could never leave you that way..I would never do that to you. My brother was not depressive” I

    “That night my brother who was on permanent call, was summoned from his home and came to the office around 23.30. The evening was very tense according to his colleagues. Paris police were also present. He was supposed to have written a report but there were tensions, I dont know why. He said he had to make an urgent phone call..and when he didnt return after considerable time..a colleague was sent to find him..and they found him dead!”

    1. Lilly

      Certainly does not sound as if he took his own life. This could be another manoeuvre designed at further eroding our personal freedoms and privacy in the name of ‘the war against terror’.

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